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Yesterday morning, after we found out that he had been the best seller in his class I said, "Jet, you are Number One in selling stuff in kindergarden! In your whole class!"

Jet immediately replied, "Well, that Number Zero guy sure must be a-maaaazing, Mom."

We found out, gradually, over the last few days, but finally got someone who actually knew what they were talking about, and she told us that Jet was the number one seller for all the Kindergarteners. Meep.

His name is up in Big Letters on the Main Board at the front entrance.

Jet had no clue. *grin* When he came home, he got off the bus and said to John, "I won! I won!!"

"What did you win?"

"I don't know! But I won!"


He was also in the top ten for the whole school. So he'd come home, Thursday, with a permission slip in this backpack asking if he could go to Bounce Town (which is pretty much what it sounds like) in a limousine with the other nine kids. He started out by saying those ten were better than him.

Eventually he got the idea that he was better than everyone else other than those ten, and ran right into Mom's wall of "This does NOT make you better than anyone, Jet. You're just were better at selling stuff than everyone else, Jet. Just at selling wrapping paper and chocolate."

"Oh." Then a big grin, "Cool. I'm better at selling stuff!"

"That's right, Jet. You did good."
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