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Properly Smug Marith

You were right to be smug, marith.

Ever since I got O-kami, I've been playing it every minute I can. Jet is actually willing to lay down his controller (which he has been welding with graduated ability through "his game" in Star Wars 2 as the 'one who likes seeing new places the most') and just watch me play. He likes that paint brushes change reality and I think he sees how the symbols work.

The strange thing is that I notice that the brush strokes are very, very realistic for what a calligraphy brush would do if it were asked to touch down right where it is asked to and dragged the way the controller drags is. Circles are still driving me mad, but I love, love, love the game.


Thank you, marith, you have every right to be quite smug. *grin* I love the present. Wow.
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