Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Jet got to go to Bounce Town yesterday. John and the grandparents drove him to school at 1pm, because on Wednesdays he normally doesn't go to school. Jet studied the interior of the limo for a while before actually getting in. Ten kids and a principal all got in and then drove to the play place.

John went to get some pictures of them getting out and playing, but Jet never noticed them leaving. He got a good two hours there, with cake and ice cream and he loved it. So definitely a prize for doing all the work he did! Yay for positive feedback!!

He talked about it for all the few minutes I saw him last night.

Afterwards, John told me that the principal said, "Wow, he's a real crackup!" *giggles* So it's not just us!

I've been at an offsite at work, which was from 8:30-5, and I had a 7:30 meeting one morning, which was a bit of a pain. And then I had the beekeeping class Tuesday night, and then everyone went out to dinner last night, so I've only seen Jet and John for bits and snatches all week. Today's schedule includes six hours of meetings, so I'm not likely to get home early tonight. So it is.

The good thing is that I'm doing a set of interviews and that's been useful and back to my second set of duties. So I, at least, feel useful again. Whew.
Tags: jet, work

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