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Oooo... ouch

I am amazingly sore trying to keep up with Jet and his grandparents. :-) Active bunch, them.

We've been hiking, biking, walking, swimming, and even BOWLING. I am so sore I am grateful about being able to hide in my cube and just type for a while. Heh.

Bowling was Sunday night because there were some church focus groups going on, and John had volunteered us for kid duty, which was cool. We decided to take the kids bowling, and Dean and Mikayla came along, and then the dads of the other kids decided they didn't really want to "focus" and it was a blast. I haven't been bowling for more than a decade. I used to be part of a bowling league that work had organized, and our team was all from our group and our group's boss was "Bob". There was a sale at K-Mart on blue bowling balls, and we bought them and had them drilled for us. So we became "Bob's Blue Balls". *giggles* John was our substitute, and I bowled every week for about ten week and got good arm muscles from it.

Today, though I'm totally sore in the shoulders, neck, and my left leg, which is my support leg when I throw. Bah.

Swimming was at the Rec. Center after it snowed last week. Yeah, it snowed, a good three inches on my beekeeping class night, and I went out on slippery streets in the Passat and soft-footed it over to the fair grounds. It was cold and the wind cut right through everything. I'm glad of my wool socks. I learned a lot about all the equipment bees need and don't need. Learned that some beekeepers do what others would never do and vice versa. Independent crowd that.

Did the tea tour at Celestial Seasonings, too, and Jet handed me a mug that says, "I'll rise but I refuse to shine." I often add "dammit" in my head, afterward. *grin* So I bought that along with far too much herbal, green and white tea and it was good. Especially nice seeing all the prairie dog towns right outside the plant. It made the latte lady smile today. So that was good.

I took Monday off, I'm taking Thursday off for my own mental health day, but both are as vacation, and it's very, very good to have a two-day week even though I'd originally thought about taking the whole week off. I still have too much to get done and I'm doing interviews because the other two people on my team are out on vacation. So I'll keep things moving here at a kind of minimal rate.

The great thing is that last week I had a very intense work schedule, and George and Isabel have been great about helping us out with Jet-care as well as with laundry, cleanup, and cooking, so they've been great this whole time. I've been very thankful that they've been here. I worked much longer hours the days I've been at work thanks to them.

Jet's been missing me a little, but with four days straight with me this last weekend, he's been a bit more stable. I'll also try and make sure I get my three days with him as much as possible at the end of this week, too.

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