Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Very Long Weekend

I took off Thursday so that I could just spend all day in the basement to play Okami. :-)

But it snowed! Big time snow. So it was pretty damp and cold, but John and Jet and I walked to the bus stop in the morning, which was good. I actually spent most of the morning doing some really simple things like washing the dishes. Yeesh. Washing the dishes. I take vacation so I can feel unpressured enough to enjoy washing the dishes.

So I washed dishes, spun a little, played my video games, and made cheese steak sandwiches with onions from my garden for John and I. They were good.

I played MORE Okami. :-) My hands, today, are still a bit tired from my marathon runs of the game, but Jet and I most of Friday, too, and he helped me spot stuff. Saturday it was 70!! So Jet and I ran to Costco to get some things, and then we all went biking to the park where Jet fished for crayfish in too-fast and too-cold waters, but we were outside and it was warm and wonderful and Jet got to play and we got to get a bit of exercise. We also shopped for him to have a Halloween costume, and that evening we went to a Halloween party in our Zoot Suits.

It was fun. Jet and one other little boy got to play Bucket Toss. The Grand Prize was an LED-lit spinning light thing, that Jet WANTED. So he threw for it first off and missed. So the lady giving the party asked the two boys to start with bucket one, then bucket two, then... and when they kept missing bucket three, she got rid of buckets one and two and moved three through five a bit closer to the boys. The other boy got both buckets three and four, in order, and missed bucket five, but I could see the gears whirling in Jet's head. When he got the ball, he threw right for bucket five and hit it. Thump. Surprised the heck out of everyone, but he wanted that LED whirly thing so badly, he got it right off and didn't mess with the other buckets.

Besides, one of the other buckets had "glow in the dark goulie gloves" and Jet said, "They're too scary. I didn't want them, so I threw over them!"


Sunday was making coffee as it was Fifth Sunday. It was so warm out. I also got to start Isabel's socks, which was fun. Then in the afternoon John found out that Glow Golf was closing at 6, so we came up with an alternate plan for all the kids, Halloween cookies. So I went out and bought sugar cookie dough and lots of decorations, and when all the kids came while the moms and dads were in focus groups, we cut, baked, and then decorated a bunch of sugar cookies. All the kids got to take theirs home, and the hour and a half went very, very quickly. Much happiness for having survived all that AND Daylight Savings going away.

Today I went in for my physical and it went well. I'm glad. The fasting until I got my blood work done was the hardest part of it all. I really like Doctor Pffeifer as he's very good at quiet conversation making while doing stuff that can be fraught with embarrassment, even when they might save my life. Pap smears are not confidence inducing, but necessary. Since there's no family history of breast cancer, my last mammogram is good for another four years! Woot! Blood draw was easy as my right vein was very helpful. I had no history of a tetnus booster and no memory of having had one in the last decade, and since I'm getting back into fiber work, it seemed the right thing to just get one.

After my checkup I went to Good Times and got a crispy chicken sandwich with plenty of mayo, no fries, and a very nice small lemonaid. The sandwich was perfect, as they'd cooked the chicken to order, so it was juicy, crisp on the outside, and hot enough to burn my mouth when I wasn't careful. Then I splurged on a Turtle frozen custard sundae. Yum. I enjoyed that immensely. Happy sigh. That helped with the discomfort of doing what I should do for myself.

Tea. I need my tea. I could only have water since 8 am, after a light breakfast with no caffeine, I am craving tea. *grin* I hear my tea kettle calling me...
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