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Gaiman Bits

Fragile Things by Gaiman has more of the spookiness and edge that I remembered, plus a whole lot of unresolved endings. Some of them were good that way, some just felt... left, I guess. Nothing more to say.

But the short form is very, very much a stronger point for him than the novel forms, from my point of view. I enjoy the novels, but they don't unsettle, rethink the way his short works do.

I also managed to get a copy of the Mirrormask book from the library and it's nice. *grin* I like the real cut in the one phrase at the beginning, and the resolution was very solid and good and settling. An Spider story with some of the same laughter and terror but not the "wrong" ending, not a Tiger story. I liked it. Hensonesque, perhaps, lost its edge perhaps, but I enjoyed it. :-) I'll likely enjoy the movie as much, and now feel like Jet could see it and not worry.

We saw Jet off to the bus this morning with his Pumpkin Head on, and he was happy enough with it. The other kids thought it was cool. For all that "pumpkin head!" is a mild put down by some, I don't think Jet has that in mind at all, and is enjoying the fact that most people think it's really cool and a little funny. :-) I like his world a lot.
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