Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The World is White With Snow

Everything is covered with fluffy, soft, white, slidy snow, nearly five inches of it. I'm very glad that I'm not having to go into work in this with all the other people on the road. It's sunny out, too, so it's likely to all melt away quickly, but the trees looked like the velvet covered horns of a young spring buck, furred in pure white.

It's kind of magical, turning the world strange overnight.

Last night, as we were coming out of the community rec center, it was raining, because it was so warm out, and the moment I got out into it, I took a deep breath and sighed happily, "Mmmm... the scent of rain." It made Joan laugh, who was, in Seattle, kind of tired of the rain happening All The Time, and she was much happier here. Still, even she agreed that there is such a lack of rain here as to make any time it did rain a real treat. Yum.

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