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Massage Messages

It's interesting to have the in-house massage therapist note a few things that are unique about my body and how she has to deal with it:

  • My muscles "run hot", hotter than nearly everyone else she works on.
  • My musculature is also denser than pretty much all the women she works on.
  • She doesn't see the amount of inflammation I get very often in anyone.
  • I seem to have more tension and physical stress than she's used to dealing with as she fusses a lot about me and the "pain you must be in".
  • I "carry charge", as in I shock her nearly every time in the fall/winter, and it seems that few others do.

To be fair, she also finds it shocking that I have three running computers in my cube. So her norm and mine may be wildly different. :-)

Still, it's interesting to contemplate that my body may just hang onto stress and tension (and static charges) more than most. Or, on the other hand, I may just generate more stress than most people. *grin* Physical stress as opposed to emotional stress. I just channel it into my body or something as folks here seem to accuse me of a Buddha-like calm in the midst of fighting fires or when everyone else in the room is yelling at each other I step in. Ah so...

It's always interesting to get a look at myself through other eyes and another mind.
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