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Odds and Ends

It takes about one day for a completely turquoise dyed palm to return to normal.

That was mildly unexpected, as I'd unwrapped Jet's painted wool with bare hands, thinking that the dye would have exhausted, but I'd forgotten about the solution that was trapped between sheets of plastic and hadn't been able to go into the wool. Oops. Next time, gloves for the unveiling. I happily took a "snail" picture of the roving, and I'll get that up when I can.

I was expecting to have blue hands for days....

My HDL cholesterol is 67, my LDL is about 74. Whoopeee!!

I went for a routine checkup at the beginning of the week last week, and the blood work results came back. I don't have any good reasons to worry about my cholesterol, other than the fact that I love steak, eggs, and bacon and a family member does have high LDL cholesterol and has to work on it. Just before the checkup I was panicking about all the times I'd been "bad", and I took a deep breath and told myself, "Look, all the times you were good COUNT, too. The whole grain, the times you picked fruit instead of cheesecake, eating good fats instead of bad carbs, eating everything from your garden, the vitamins, the exercise, it all counts."

And so it does. I think that that is the best HDL:LDL ratio I've ever had. I think I'll cheerfully blame Mark Hyman in part. The rest is my fault for choosing to do what I felt I really wanted to do for my body.

Okami gets more and more interesting, with more and more possibilities as I move on with the story. The lands of snow and ice are beautiful and just *feel* more deadly than the others. It's interesting to realize that. Jet likes getting to say, "Pee the demon to death, Mommy! Pee him to death!" Ahem. Turns out that there are two different special moves one can learn from the martial arts instructor that get demon fangs from the demons. I've been reading a couple of walk-throughs, and neither of them are as complete as I want them to be. I had a hell of a time trying to find all 20 un-cursed cherry trees in Sei-nai City. 18 were easy, the last two were tricks, and the very last one had me just baffled for a week (spoiler warning?) before I really looked at the guy who told me how many trees were left. And then I was banging my forehead for the next week.

(end spoiler warning)

I cannot actually spin the Crown Mountain Sock yarn as consistently as they need. I am getting *just* under or way over their yardage on a regular basis. I'm consistently making yarn that's just a little bit too fat for them, but it makes for absolutely gorgeous mittens and socks, dense and nearly wind-proof but still flexible and with enough give to cushion joints when walking. I love the resultant yarn.

I should put up the pictures of Jet's new "Twist and Shout" mittens. He loves 'em. His teacher likes them as well. *grin* Now I'm wondering if I should make her mittens or socks or maybe a hat?

John's found that the OUR center really needs warm clothing this time of year, and he spends a bunch of his time at their offices just sitting around waiting for people to come get help. So I proposed that he use one of Jet's knitting looms to make hats while he's waiting for people. He looked mildly interested. There's enough yarn in the house to make plenty of hats and they're pretty quick and simple, plus, Jet loves making pom poms.

A family project, perhaps? I dunno, but after finding 6 ounces skeins of yarn at the local Hobby Lobby for 99 cents, and having a whole fleece of wool that I really could spin up thick and quick, plus the carder works great on it. Hmm... all that plus dyeing all kinds of colors, too. it seems kind of cool to make them rather than buy them.

One lady at the church is bound and determined to start a knitting group. So I'm going Wednesday night. I'm mildly worried, as knitting, for me, is mostly a craft of solitude. I like the meditation of it, rather than the social aspects. However, she wants to do a bunch of scarves for teens in college that went through the fostering system and which have no parents. So there's an organization that puts together care packages for the young adults and it includes handknit items. The January deadline is for Valentine's Day type items, so machine-washable red scarves in every shade of red is what they need. So I went to Hobby Lobby, and spent about $20 on enough yarn for five scarves that were a bit more than just Red Heart red. We'll see how it works out, given my Christmas deadlines and actually thinking of doing a pair of socks for John.

Luckily, my Christmas knitting list is *only* so long:

  • Socks for the two grandmothers.

  • Socks for John. (Okay, ambition bites my heel on this one as I really want to make him full-blown kilt socks.)

  • A new sweater/jacket for Jet.

  • Something for two or three babies.

  • My first felted bag just for me.

Whew, that was simple. :-) I've been reading Stephanie McPhee's Yarn Harlot and laughing my ass off. John thinks it's great that I just CAN laugh that hard. I think she does for me with knitting what Anne Lamont does for me for Christian Liberalism and motherhood. I am neurotic, sure, but not *quite* as neurotic as that. Enough to recognize it and be a bit of it, but not enough to jump off the deep end, yet.

I'm still a one or two project at a time kind of knitter. I don't see myself jumping off that cliff for quite some time to come.
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