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Doing Stuff and The Popular Jet

Said by one of Jet's friends, when she found me making cinnamon rolls in an experiment to try and raise, roll, and freeze 'em for weekday use: "You, Miss Liralen are just TOO BUSY. You're always making food or clothing or yarn or something. You should be poor and on a farm or something so you could do all that stuff because you need to!"

John was volunteering at the school today to give out tickets for the Thanksgiving Lunch that parents had bought so that they could have lunch at school with their kids. He was supposed to get relief at 11:15, but he called at 11:30 to say that he wasn't getting relieved. So he was going to miss his flu shot at work. So I got my shot, drove to the school, and relieved him so that he could get his shot.

While I sat there, handing out tickets, the Vice Principal, a lady, asked Jet to go sell school calendars to all the parents who were just standing around. And Jet went off and did that, happily approaching all the adults. I was as amazed as I usually am, and she said, "You know, of course, he's going to be CEO some day."

I had never thought that before. My goodness. I'm not all that sure I'd wish that on him, though, any more than I'd wish the farm on me, either. :-)

The really interesting thing for me was that every time a new class came to lunch, someone in that class would grin and say, "Hi, Jet!" And Jet would happily play with them while they were in line. And this was nearly every grade in the school coming by, even the fifth graders, a whole line of girls all said, "Hi, Jet!" Turns out Jet has 10 different "Bus Buddies" that take him to his bus in the afternoon, and it also turns out that they're ALL girls and they all giggle at Jet when he says Hi back.
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