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Autumn Rainbow Clapotis in the Sunshine

So this is one picture of the Knitty Clapotis that I finally finished in October. I finally found the pictures and got them off the camera.

The colors that have come out of this are very, very different than the "oh, that's an Autumn yarn" colors that came out of the yarns. It's quite a lot brighter than I'd originally thought it would be, but all the colors definitely came out. *grin*

It's really interesting comparing it to the pictures of the yarns, as it's very different than I'd originally thought it would be. I'm starting to really figure out that looking at yarn in a skein will NOT tell me what it will look like when it's knit up. It's getting more gut level than not, anymore, which means that buying or selling yarn on-line is going to be a bit more nitpicky for me.

Tags: knitting, spinning
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