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Jet of the Hundred Paper Airplanes

Jet has been making a ton of paper airplanes. He's just been sitting at the table and making them one after the other after the other after...

For the last two or three days Jet has been running through John's 365 tiny paper airplane desk calendar and making Every Single Airplane he can make. Twisters, Eagles, etc. He makes each one exactly as instructed on the paper itself, and he has gotten so good at it that he's actually making them accurately enough to fly them.

The planes are small enough that it's hard to make all the flying surfaces work really well, but with all this practice, Jet's really gotten to the point where they all are flying. It amazes me how patient he is with the paper, the folds, and the instruction.

In this particular picture, Jet is also showing his plane-fu. *grin* With plenty of Kaiii-ya! He's ended up with well over a hundred planes, possibly even nearly 200 of them. He's now wondering if he gets a wish if he does 1000 planes. *grin* I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did.
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