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Panic and then Relief

Last night I was tentatively happy with the new filling. The change in bite actually made my lower crown and lower molar happier, as they were being chewed on with different surfaces. So the old, back filling might have been a bit too high, still.

We had a bit of an adventure trying to find dinner, but we managed to get to Efrain's, where I had the mondongo plate, which was tenderloin, mushrooms, green chilies, onions, and peppers in a wine broth next to incredibly hot refried beans and rice. It was really good, and the meat needed some chewing, so I got a bit of a workout with the new teeth, which was actually pretty good, given the holes and the soreness of getting worked on. So I was pretty pleased.

Then, when I brushed my teeth before going to bed, I flossed, and the floss caught between the two molars that had been filled. I pulled out a small piece of clear plastic. Eek! Then I tried to go in there again, and the floss stuck again! Eek! Scary. Painful with all the ache in there already...

I surprised myself by forcibly taking my brain off the roller coaster, and put it on memories of my massage by CeLena, and went to sleep just fine. I got up twice for Jet, and with memories of him, I went back to sleep just fine each time. Jet got up a bit before 8, and I called Dr. Davis' office, and the receptionist handed me over to him, and he made me an appointment at 9:10. So I had enough time to eat some breakfast, smooch John and Jet and go in.

It was just a small spur off the back tooth, that Dr. Davis smoothed over and then we tested it with some floss. It's tighter between the two teeth than it was before, he'd made it that way so that food wouldn't get stuck between them. He was matter of fact about that, and about the need for some smoothing. He just got the drill out and we smoothed it right there, and with the additional testing, I was very happy. I also was able to tell him that it had not only solved the sensitivity problems of the upper teeth (he blew the area dry to get it smoothed correctly, and I didn't feel anything bad, compared to during the examination, when a bit of air made me shiver), but it seemed to be solving the problem of the lower teeth as well! He was very pleased by that feedback.


I have a dentist that responds well to asking for a correction! No charge, of course, as far a he was concerned, and that was really a good thing, too. So I'm much happier this morning than I was even last night. I have proof that things are definitely better through my efforts and through being brave enough to try and get things done.

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