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I know I'm doing something right when Jet hears "artichokes for dinner" and says, "I want mine with lots of mayonaise to dip it in!"


Jet and I had a very busy day today, doing errands, getting presents, and generally running ourselves silly after a very satisfying breakfast of buttermilk pancakes from scratch. His ended up with whipped cream, mine with wild blueberries and real maple syrup. Mmmm....

We stopped at Noodles and Company (I want mine with seasoning!), the library, Target for pictures and Starbuck's, and then the local yarn shop to give the lady there the picture of the Clapotis so she could have it. She wanted a picture, since she'd sold me the wool. I didn't remind her that she'd charged me for the *fraction* of an ounce of the wool when she sold it to me, and the fact that I'm likely never going back there again to buy anything. She only seems to stock expensive, obscure things, and the fiber holdings, other than for that one rainbow roving, have all been blah since I picked it up. Plus she seems to have this weird attitude when I do go there, part belligerance and part one ups manship, and part... hm... someone else I know would have labeled her "threatened". And, she might well be by me. I'm sure I give plenty of reasons simply by doing what I do.

Anyway, there was another very nice lady there that quizzed Jet about his knitting and spinning abilities until he hid behind my legs.


Then we were out in the ridiculous sunshine. It was in the mid-50's today and I was in just my t-shirt and sweat pants. Jet was wise and kept his jacket as he had a few sniffles in the morning. There were plenty of snow drifts and piles from shoveling from the last week. It's odd to have big piles and chunks of snow and feel too warm to wear a coat at the same time.

I pushed my luck with a "quick run" into Boulder, and Jet was chanting, "I want to go HOME. I want to go HOME." by the time we got there. I rewarded him when we got to where we were going and there were no melt downs, by letting him pick one thing under ten dollars. Unsurprisingly it as very hard to find something for less than ten dollars at REI. *grin*

But he was very happy with a smooshy ball he was able to get, and we went home all in a much better mood.

Poor John called to say that he was dealing with a septic backup situation at the OUR center. Flooded the kitchen and the dining room. BAD juju for the folks trying to server lunch tomorrow. Luckily, they'd managed to wash, disinfect, and put away most of the kitchen things before it happened. Still... it's quite the bad mess out there. So he'd had a long, hard, day.

I made Sloppy Joes, French Fries, and steamed artichokes for dinner. Yeah... quite the juxtiposition, but the artichokes were in the fridge and were not getting any better.

The boys are now playing a Sudoku board game John got for his birthday. It's... startling how well Jet's doing at it.
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