Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Late Lament

I've been denying it for the last week, but I'm afraid that my old Pikachu GS2 really is lost and gone forever.

I've been carrying some form of a Pikachu pedometer since well before Jet was born, between the very old yellow one and the last GS2. I'd retired the yellow one when the battery went dead when Kathy gave me this GS2 as it was cooler, had color, and the very keen week long record of the steps for that day. Plus it allowed me to play after 1,000,000 steps. The yellow one I had to reset at 1,000,000, and when I first got this one I'd assumed I had to when I reached it but it surprised me by playing the victory tune once and then just going on!

Subsequently I realized I could play that tune any time I wanted to, plus I did reset it that time and then kept going the second time as I thought I'd try that, too. So there were three million steps on various pikachu before this last long run.

It was a run that went more than 9 million steps. I was trying for 10 million to see if there was another decimal place on the display. *grin*

But it went through a lot to get there. Dozens of vacations, getting dropped and even drop kicked by accident just about everywhere, getting lost and found, and even a stretch of a few years where I just stuffed it in a drawer and ignored it. After reviving it I let it go and go and go until it was so dim I couldn't quite see it so I had a watch repair person replace the battery last year. And since then it wasn't quite the same, flickering in and out and occasionally trying to reset on me. I don't know if the battery was wrong or there were some connections lost in it since I'd dropped it so many times, but it still counted. Though it did act a bit senile occasionally and it would drop all my steps for some days.

Poor old thing.

Anyway... I think I lost it sometime two weeks ago. I then pulled out the one I'd gotten on ebay a couple of years ago when I last thought I'd lost the old one, and pulled the battery stop. I left the protective film on the face, just in case, but after a week of realizing the the battery in this "new" one was actually quite old, I asked John to buy a new battery for me and we replaced it quite carefully ourselves.

The new one has a very smooth face, it has crisp buttons, not smooshy and reluctant the way the older one had gotten. The belt grip is tight and solid. The display is now crisp and clean, constant and always bright. It doesn't have a million steps yet, so won't always wake up at night to let me play Acey Ducey with it. *grin*

I don't even have a full week on it, yet, and we're already pretty good friends. I know what it likes. *grin* I think it'll be a good, long friendship; but I kind of miss the old one. I think if I find it now, I'll likely just retire it to the same drawer the old yellow one now lives in and thank it for its long service. But I'm awfully glad to have its cousin on my belt now, encouraging me with little chirps to just keep walking.

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