Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Thai City Horde

Woohooo!! I actually made it up to Mountain View! Mostly on my own, too.

I couldn't figure out how to print things from my laptop at work, so I had to go on either writing it down or keeping it in my head, so I'm pretty proud of myself for having figured out the way to the Dana Street Roasters, mostly, and then to Thai City itself. The Dana Street Roasters confused Google's map. Dang. So I ended up blocks and blocks away, but then I just had to cross Shoreline and head towards Castro and I did okay.

There, I met amberley and diony and yessod and had a wonderful conversation with them over a very, very nice decaf cap. It was creamy and deep with coffee flavors and they'd brewed it right. Yum. They all gifted me. An Edward Gorey pop-up book, which is all that that seems. :-) And diony had baked soft ginger cookies that were gently dusted in sparkling sugar in a very nice, crush-proof box. Very keen.

diony was kind enough to ride with me to Thai City as she knew, better than I, where it was. We had a good talk along the ride, too. There were 9 at the restaurant, and it wasn't too packed either, which was nice for us. Earl, neko_san, tavella, space_parasite, marith, diony, yessod, amberly and I were the party and we had quite the party with carafes of Thai tea and coffee, nine dishes (we HAD to have the space_parasite Penang), soup, and dessert as well. The food was absolutely excellent, rich with flavors, and there were dishes there I'd never seen before, which was wonderful! I had to try just a little of everything and it was all good. The mango with sticky rice at the end of the meal, shared between many, was the perfect last touch.

I loved the waiter and his sly humor. It was fun to watch him interact with everyone.

It was good to see neko_san with her cat beds in the making. I liked seeing the Big Kueron before getting my shipment.

As we were leaving, amberley gifted me with a fine book as well as more pointers at more systems of gaming. There's one cool one where you build robots from Legos, do the fights, and break pieces off as damage happens. Woo. It'll be fun to try and build various robots with Jet before I go in February. *grin*
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