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BIG Snow Day

They were talking about 10-20 inches of snow between last night and Thursday noon. It was bright and clear out at 10 last night, so I drove into work, got my laptop and headed home with it and a box of teas I'd wanted to take home for the holidays anyway. I also brought my cards home.

So I'm home, watching the snow come down on a very white world. John and George are at the OUR center. Isabel is about to join them. Jet is with the kids at the Rec. Center. And I have a few moments of quiet after a very chaotic morning between a meeting, folks trying to call when I was on the phone, and a chaos of cellphone activity. John's now driving Jet and Isabel to their places, and I'm finally working again.

Poor Jet, when he saw Dean drive off without having a phone call from him, Jet was about to cry as he really wanted to go to the Rec. Center and swim. I'm glad John could rescue him. And the volunteer shortage for making lunch wasn't as bad as John originally thought, so I have no guilt about working.

Tags: snow, weather

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