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Today's a snow day at work, too! And they're opening tomorrow, but I don't work tomorrow!

*dance* *dance* *dance* of the part-time employee...

John has officially measured the snow pack in our front yard with a yard stick. Of course, he's wearing shorts while doing it as "it's relatively warm out there". We got 20" over the last day plus. Wow.

Okay, I might still work on a technical book or two while I have some quiet time as the boys are all out shoveling. The snow is up past Jet's waist, so he's helping Dad with the secondary shoveling.

When John and Isabel and George got back yesterday afternoon, the van high-centered on a drift, so they had to shovel out part of the driveway, shovel out the van, and then neighbors came and pushed.

The snow stopped this morning, a bit earlier than predicted (noon), and the local snow plow folks are going great guns and most of the major roads are now open. It's *GOOD* to have plenty of snow removal equipment. I'm so glad of that and the relatively flat roads here.
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