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Whew. A nice, normal night, with Jet getting up twice, and that was about it. He ate both times, I didn't even offer a bottle the first time and he refused a bottle the second. I also napped the first time, and watched the weather the second. Yeah, at 4 am, most of the cable channels are flooded with infomercials, but the Weather Channel just keeps going, and it's a great way for me to really know what the weather will be like tomorrow... hmm... or is that today? Cooler is better, but the weekend is going to be hot.

Cinnamon Lender's bagels are small, but good with a bit of Smart Balance (a no trans fatty acid margarine that actually cooks and tastes pretty well) and cinnamon sugar. They remind me, enough, of cinnamon rolls to satisfy the craving, and not have anything that would clog my arteries or too many simple sugars. I also had a peach! The first of this year's season and the bottom half of it was perfectly ripe and the top half was mostly ripe, so it wasn't a write-off. It did promise good things for the rest of the season. We'd also stocked up on yogurt, so I had a blueberry one for protein and good milk things for Jet.

I find that ever since I was pregnant, I've been far, far more aware of all the things I do eat and how much. Hopefully this will carry on even when I'm not nursing the Jet boy.

Jet had a great morning. He was cheerful, happy, crowed and wiggled with happiness whenever he saw me and held his arms out for me whenever I was going to pick him up. I think, however, he might be a little allergic to my grapefruit body souffle as he started rubbing an eye when he nursed on me right after I had my shower. Luckily, I'm about done with that stuff. Then again, the whole house was still filled with the dust and pollen of the night, and when John turned on the house fan to filter the air, Jet relaxed to just feed and I stopped sneezing and itching. Whew.

Mmm... the normal paths of life.

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