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A very white Christmas

We've had a very, very busy few days, and a very white and gorgeous Christmas, but I'm a mite cabin-crazy at the moment, so it's good that John and I are going to be able to go to a movie this afternoon. :-)

The snowflake icon was from a cool Popular Science article Carl pointed me at on how to save a snowflake.

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet, and we had Sunday morning at church, without Sunday School in the early morning, so I was able to make pumpkin muffins and egg nog French Toast. It was fun. We just putzed around and folks napped and Jet played with the other kids for a bit. We also did video games, and Jet got to see me take on the final villan in Okami as he really wanted to see me do that. Whee... I get better at it with practice. But that took a few hours.

Dinner was just leftovers, and I put Jet to bed after doing some Santa prep. "Santa wants super vanilla cold Soy milk! He needs to eat healthier, so we'll give him an orange and some carrots with his cookie!"

John and Isabel went to the late Christmas Eve service. "Sing Silver Bells" was done by the choir to haunting effect, and they had a great time with the caroles. It feels more like Christmas when there are all the caroles...

I made cinnamon rolls the night before with Jet and the grandparents helping with the rolling and the spreading of the butter and sugar. It was good. He helped me mark all the rolls where they should be cut and put them into the pan for me. We squashed them into the pan quite happily. They rose overnight, and in the morning, John put them into bake at just about 7am. Jet was up at 6:30, but went back to bed with John because he knew he wasn't supposed to be up until 7. So we were all up at 7, doing stockings. Breakfast as next, and Jet felt like he could hurry it along by eating less, but he finally succumbed to another roll.

Presents were next. Jet got a mountain of wonderful stuff from everyone in the family. My family sent a lot of good stuff, too, so that was neat. Everyone called in all directions, and that was good, too.

Both Isabel and I napped when the presents were done, and I was up at 11, to make some cheesey potatoes and green bean cassarole to go with the cabbage salad Isabel had made. At 2 we headed to the neighbors, and Dean and Mikala joined Tonya, Peter, Tanner, and Macy and all of us and we had a fun lunch/dinner, and had plenty of playing, singing, and football for the afternoon.

At 6 we headed back, nibbled a little, and then I played video games for a while as everyone else vegged in front of football. Jet explored a lot of his toys, and this morning, he's been doing a lot more of that as well. That was cool. He and I built a ping pong ball shooter from Legos. *grin* It took a few design changes to get it to go consistantly, but it has! Yay!!
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