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Here We Go Again

Different in many ways, the snow is wetter and heavier and coming in chunks, i.e. we're getting a snow fall, a pause, then another snow fall, and a pause, but the system looks like it's set up to stay here at least 24 hours right where it is. And it's pumping the moisture from the Southern Plain states up here to meet the northern lows (it'll be about 3° F here tonight).

Isabel and George got our safely yesterday afternoon, just before the snow really started, and DIA kept flying planes out of there all night.

There's blizzard warnings out East, and in Texas there seem to be tornado warnings! Meep. It's rare to get winter tornados, usually it takes the energy of a hot summer day to do that.

But the supermarkets haven't even caught up from the last storm. We went to the King Soopers and the entire produce section was wiped out. There was no juice, no bread, no deliveries for the last few days. In part because of the snow, then the inavailability of diesel, and then other reasons. The company actually BOUGHT trucks in the last two days just to get some deliveries made.

Shoveling is harder, as the wetter, heavier, denser stuff is harder to move. But, with John's encouragement, I actually went out this morning and got my massage from Bonnie. I needed it, too. I was so sore all over, it was just wonderful to get it all worked on, but painful, too. Ugh. I spent a few hours, yesterday, breaking up the ice and moving it to the side. I didn't want an ice base under the new snow, as it would make it even harder to get out. I had to do the backup and go foward trick just to get out of the driveway. The streets were good, though, as the crews around here made a real concerted effort to get things really cleared out before this storm.

But there are a lot of stories of folks getting pretty tired, as they've been going pretty non-stop since the last storm. The wetter, heavier stuff poses more of a threat to power this time around, and even just this morning, at 3am, a snow plow overturned just a few blocks north of us and took out a power pole. They were trying to get the power off the lines there and the truck righted.

It's unusual for us to get more than one snow in a row. The weather man's saying that the last time we got two significant storms within a week of each other was in 1990! Wow. So it isn't just me thinking this is weird. The ski resorts are ecstatic. *grin*

It's been a quiet few days. John and I got to see a movie on Tuesday, which was good. We've mostly been eating at home, and cooking a lot of our chest freezer stores, which has been really great. We did manage to get out to China Gourmet on Wednesday evening to meet up with Bob and his family. It was a great dinner, and we hit the Boulder Gelato store on Foothills and Broadway as a big crowd. Lots of very happy people. Plus there's supposed to be another store going into Longmont at 17th and Main just about now. We'll have to check that out.

I've been cranky, grumpy and depressed for the last day and a half. I'm not entirely sure why. But shoveling snow and doing laundry and spinning seem to help. Playing video games gets me reset to mostly neutrel, so that's good. Okami has been fun the second time around, but the fights are ridiculously short. Now I see why the time limits were set for the time bonus the way there are.

I also have a yarn painting book my Dad gave me for Christmas, along with four other great books, so I'm gradually getting through those. The library called, yesterday, and I went and got three books I'd had on hold in the last month. So I'm gradually getting through those, too. One is a modular knitting book that I'm thinking of using for my felted backpack ideas, one is a Chinese Calligraphy book, and the last is the Giadia DeLaurentes cook book for family gatherings. I'm not at all sure I'll use much of it, but I wanted to see it.

Yes. I read four books at a time, gotta problem with that? Ahem.

Told you. Cranky.

I hope to be in a better mood when I actually get something done.

I did manage to get the experimental mittens done. They were HUGE and I felted them once in the clothes washer, but didn't like the water waste, so I put 'em in a bucket. I disinfected a toilet plunger and washed it like mad, and then used that to agitate the darned mittens a LOT while they were in a soup of Ivory soap powder (I grated a bar of soap up) and really hot water. They went from being WAY TOO BIG to being mildly too big to being just right for John. Grumph. I wanted them for ME. I steal them to wear them, but they're pretty clearly too big, still, for me. Which is good news as I think I can now make a whole pair for a friend from a single skein. These took two skeins and are as dense as anything I've ever seen. They're also really, really warm.

Which came in very useful when Jet wanted Grandpa and I to go sledding with him on Tuesday. Ooof. Yeah. I actually rode a sled down a hill! Meep! Bump, bash, bANG. ahem.

I cuffed the mittens in acrylic simply because it was available. I should take pictures while I can.

Jet really likes a zig zag commercial yarn with purple and blue back ground and shocking pink and neon green zags. I may have to recreate that in my mohair/wool blend I got from the Wool Shed. At $4.50 a pound I couldn't argue with the price, and it's spinning up smooth and strong and springy when it's plied. I may ply it 3-ply and knit it densely. My teenaged nephew wants a pair of ski boot socks, and he's nearly a size 12, so it's going to be a bit of a project and I don't want them to wear out in a single ski day, the mohair should help.

There. I feel better already...
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