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First Day of the Year

Our first day of the New Year was a good one. I managed to call my Mom for her birthday. We also puttered about a bit, as we all got a late start. I was very thankful that Jet didn't get up until after 8 am, as his normal wake up time is around 7 or even 6:30. He was pretty tired, too, I think, after we'd spent much of the night before at Peter's indoor soccer arena.

They'd gotten a bouncer and brought sleeping bags and tents and things. All the kids were going to sleep on the field. There were also a bunch of folks just bringing potluck and celebrating the coming of the new year, too, and they were mostly Argentinian, as that was his partner's nationality. Beautiful people. They also brought some gorgeous food, too, including empanadas filled with lovely things like carnitas, olives, and spices. Lovely critters those.

We ate a lot. *grin*

Jet ran and played and bounced and ran some more and threw and ran and jumped and whacked his face a few times trying to do somersaults and flips in the bouncer. He'd land face first rather than tucking and rolling. Oops. But after a few of those, and with his type of determination, he finally started going over the right way and then just kept doing it. Yay!

But after all that, he was wide awake on the way home at 10pm, but he fell asleep like a rock as soon as he was in bed.

John and I stayed up and watched a Prairie Home Companion in Nashville, a very quiet and gentle way to greet the new year. I LOVED being able to see the sound effects guy during the sound effects ramble. That was fun. Then the teenager two doors down got to blow his stash of fireworks when midnight came. There was much banging and rocketing about, but Jet never woke up.

So he slept in this morning, too, which was very nice, and John made cinnamon rolls from those in the freezer. I hadn't gotten around to making more of my own and freezing them during the vacation like I'd planned to do. But we had the Rhodes ones, which were quite as nice. We had a good, slow start, and Jet and I played some video games and then we got all bundled up and went back to the skating rink in Roosevelt Park.

We then spent two hours on the ice. Jet really honed his technique of just moving his feet as quickly as he could and after a few spills, he got so that he was leaning forward a bit, and he was going really, really fast. I started out very uncertain, but with a bit of effort, I finally got to where I was just gliding again. The ice was soft enough that a normal ski-type snowplow provided all the stopping power I needed. John experimented with some skate stops while I just followed Jet around. After an hour and a half of skating, the rink folks chased everyone off the ice, and we got to watch the Zamboni do its thing. Then the ice was slick and smooth, and Jet took the opportunity to get one of the "walkers", which is a thing made of metal tubing that was pretty good support for a beginner. He took it all the way around, but found it far less maneuverable than being on his own! He couldn't make the corners with the thing at all, and kept running into the walls. So he asked John to take it back out of the rink, and we did.

He was wearing his bike helmet for the whole thing, just in case, and a few minutes later, a girl, for no explicable reason, flung one of those metal things toward the center of the rink, right in front of a speeding Jet.

He tried to stop and his feet went out in front of him, and he landed flat on his back. His helmet went "CRACK" and a few pieces flew out from under him. Better the helmet than his head, I say. He was pretty perturbed by that, and he had to have me examine the back of his head. I don't doubt that it hurt or ached a bit, but it looked fine. After I'd examined it and told him it looked fine, he was quite a bit happier, but he realized that he was pretty tired. So we unlaced, returned the skates, and walked back to the car.

He wasn't fazed by the incident and still wants a pair of skates, now. Given that they'd given him two left skates for his rental, I would be fine with getting him a pair he could really use if we went skating much more. Plus getting him a good, solid helmet for the ice wouldn't be a terrible thing, either.

We ate at the Pumphouse and got a very good lunch and a chance to watch some of the sports going on.

When we got home, John and I did some digging in front of the driveway as the sun was out and everything was melting. I thought it wouldn't hurt to help it melt. Plus I was still fairly limber from doing stuff, and the digging was a lot easier while I was still warmed up.

Tanner came over to play, and he and Jet asked to play video games, so Tanner and I played Star Wars II for a while, as Jet was bored and didn't want to play that game. Tanner and I did some of the contest extras, where both of us try to get a million studs within 5 minutes, and we never did. But we had a blast trying.

Tanner went home at 6. I got my shower, and John heated up my baked mac and cheese and some ham steak. It was a great dinner, and Jet happily ate a big bowl of "snow noodles".

I got to talk to my sister a bit before dinner.

So it was a very good day.

Today we got a very slow start, as I was SORE from yesterday. Jet was his usual self. John did most of the for-school prep for Jet, though I kind of helped with getting his clothing on. I walked him to the bus stop and watched as he stomped snow and ice the whole way there and the whole time we waited. *grin* That was kind of fun.

So we begin the new year.

I've got 19 days until my leave and a few too many things to do within that time. :-) Better get busy...

The last year was a good year. I think this coming one is going to be very interesting as well.

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