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Oooo....Color Correction...

I just played a bit with color correction and got my picture of Nobody's Sock finally adjusted to where I wanted it. It's amazing what software can do given a white background.

I am sore. I am tired. The wind, yesterday morning, was just so loud it kept waking me up. So last night I slept to hard I had terrible dreams but went right through the night.

I also had a massage last night where the massage therapist really had to work on stuff pretty hard. "Shovelling a lot, were you?" Uhm. Yeah. A bit too much, I'm afraid. She managed to loosen up my right forearm to the point where my elbow suddenly started hurting badly. Ah... linked trigger points, what joy. *sigh* We spent so much time on the obvious stuff that the less obvious stuff still aches. I'm glad I'm going back again in another two weeks.

The class, as given by someone else went quite well. He found that it was just right in the time limit given, and that it worked out well. I'm glad of that, at least. Framing for me, and a sanity check that what I'd felt would fit in two hours really would. :-) I'm glad of that. Thing is that that instructor is very, very heavily experienced in the ways of the tools, so I'm going to have to make up for that by just being... perky! Ahem. I'm halfway panicking and wondering if I should just tap some developer anyway as I'm going to have to drop if afterwards anyway...

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