Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mixed Night

I had a good evening last night, but a terrible night. *sigh*

The good part was in the evening, after dinner. A nice lady at church, who is a relatively new member, happened across me when I was knitting during Sunday School (which, at our church, is before the service), and noted that it would be cool if there was a charity knitting group at the church. She then went on to create the group, and I have been showing up whenever I can.

She's smart and fun and has the same kind of explorative bent with knitting that I have. It's just knitting, it can't be THAT hard. *grin*

And it's always fun to just sit and talk with her about knitting and all kinds of other things.

I'll admit I had quite a bit of trepidation about sitting in a roomful of women and working with them on stuff. I never quite know if I'm "up to snuff" with other women. I'm not sure why, but they do terrify me more than men, especially after being involved in a huge spinning guild that was very, very political. But this lady is cool and I'm really comfortable just talking with her and I always discover something when I listen.

So I had a fun evening knitting on some scarves for the project (yes, I know, I have to get pictures up) and showing her the felted mittens (which she'd read about here and she told me more about shocking them between hot sloshings, which is cool), and the mittens I'm working on for the lady engineer at work (whom I'm also very comfortable with) out of that Big Kureon Noro, which is quite beautiful. She showed me a rainbow fish she'd knit that she wants to felt into a solid toy. I thought that was amazing.

One of the things we talked about was being smart. I am in awe with how comfortable she was with saying and knowing that she's smart. It's really, really hard for me to actually SAY I'm smarter than the average bear. I've been thinking about it since and I'm realizing that a lot of it is just that I know how much smarter people really can be from Caltech. I've met a LOT of people smarter than me, and I know by how much, grades wise, they were smarter than I am, so it's just hard to take much pride in the smarts I have, which is odd in some ways. Plus, I've lived my life with the "knowledge" that either my sister or John was always smarter than I was in picking up knowledge. Yes, even John's tried to convince me that I'm smarter in other things and especially with detailed things, but it's hard for me to get that stuff to stick. But she actually got me to *say* that I'm pretty smart and likely smarter than someone else we were talking about, which was pretty cool.

And I managed to forget about the silly bridge for a while.

The problem is that something in my bite isn't working out with respect to the re-cemented bridge, so my jaw and teeth were trying to compensate for it and they ached. At night time, I found out that my tooth guard didn't fit, either! Meefle. I haven't slept without one for decades, and it was hard to do it and feel like my mouth was naked and weird and then when I did grind in my sleep, it would put shooting pains through my sinus and eye as the root to that one tooth was very, very unhappy with the bite being wrong. *sigh*

Then, of course, in conjunction with that, Jet was up twice. And the second time he had to have his whole bed changed, poor guy. I finally ended up just sleeping in his bed with him and I managed to forget about the jaw by listening to Jet breath. Don't know why that works for me, but it does and I'm grateful to have had SOME sleep.

So I called the dentist this morning and they got me in for an adjustment at 9:15 and everything is Much Much happier, now. Whew.
Tags: dentist, knitting
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