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I should have said, "They *were* having warmer weather than we were." *grin*

Peering at, today, Minnesota and Chicago got hit by the cold front, this time, same as we were. Perhaps more so. Plus the East coast has gotten it's blast, now. Poor trees, I'd heard they'd started to bud out there!

We're not getting out of below freezing temps until Thursday, and there's some hint that, perhaps, this coming weekend is going to net us even more snow. I'll have to admit this is the first time it's happened like this on the Front Range that we've experienced. Mostly we've had snow, then sunshine to melt it all off and clear, and then the next storm, not this week after week of snow.

John actually wore pants yesterday and got a ton of flack about it. "You sick today, John?" "You feeling okay?" "Woah... what happened?" *giggles* Single digits will actually get him to cover his legs, though the teens didn't. That was pretty funny.

My bite is much better now, and my body is finally settling down on the fact that the change is real and solid, now. Unfortunately, Jet decided to get up three times last night, so John and I are pretty tired. He normally gets through the night, no problem, but... wow... when he's up he's up... and really wants someone to be with him. I ended up sleeping in his bed with him for a few hours just so we could all sleep.
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