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My Favorite Time...

... of the week is when I get to walk Jet to the bus stop.

We always leave at 8:30 even though it's just a block's walk and the bus doesn't come until 8:45. We do this because of the day we had to RUN back to the house, and change Jet's shoes into sneakers so he could do PE. We also do it because it gives us time to talk and kick things and play at the playground where the stop is.

One morning we each had our own chunk of ice we got to kick and we'd giggle when we kicked each others, and we'd shift and switch when a chunk shattered and take the ones we really wanted. We'll talk about all kinds of things, from "what is global warming?" to "why do worms come on the sidewalk when it's wet?" to "blah de dah bah da" to "how to snap ones fingers in mittens" to...

You get the idea.

When we get there, Jet wanders off to play tag with the other kids, kick the snow, climb a tree, or, one morning, stand on a sheet of ice with three other kids and giggle every time someone fell down. The faller would giggle, too. Jet would try and run in place on the ice just for the fun of it.

Then the bus comes. All the kids scramble to get into line, get their packs on, and then Jet'll say, "Bye, Momma! Have a good day at work!" and I'll reply, "Bye, Jet, have a fun day at school!" and he'll nod and climb the steps bigger than he is up into the darkness of the bus. I'll wave and never know if he sees me, but it's okay as I know he doesn't expect me to. And then I'll either ride my bike into work or walk home and take the car and it's a good start to the day...
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