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Walking Back Through Time

Been thinking and walking through old memories of mine. Mostly the old journals on Flick, and other things that came up randomly as I deal with something someone else needed me to do. It's a bit odd to be haunted by something that happened more than fifteen years ago. Good to let it go, though.

It's odd to be so disconnected from what I was. Not a terrible thing, just... odd. And feeling a bit like I'm going to do it again. Another leaving, another good-bye to a situation I've known and have been comfortable with, to relationships I've build and harrowed in the last few years.

I'm tired. Jet was up several times last night, and I tried to take the bulk of it as John was sick.

I'm a bit depressed, what with all the endings I'm writing, engineering, negotiating, and passing off. It's hard to let go of so much stuff I had my grip on, and know that if I come back, it'll all be different again. I'm writing reviews, changing ownerships on all the email aliases, turning over editor privileges, terminating automatic notifications, and gradually unplugging myself from the thousand bits of data flow that have made up my thinking, daylight world for so long. I'm moving a lot of my industry email notifications over to my personal account. I also made a tentative stab at getting hooked up to LinkedIn, which is a little scary in and of itself.

Sea of Data Girl is moving on. Laughter... there's a name...

Navigator of the Seas of Data. I have always liked that kind of thing, plunging into the ten thousand things for any particular thing, absorbing it all and then saying, "That way... you think?"


I took care of getting Jet mostly ready for school before John woke up and I could shower. Jet and I cheerfully walked to the bus stop and he kicked every bit of snow he could find and marveled at the fact that the lines he'd drawn in the snow dunes were sometimes there and sometimes buried by the wind.

My back still aches mildly, but the domino affect has started moving towards the good side. My jaws and neck and shoulders are tied up but they don't hurt any more. Whew. The on-site massage therapist was working on my head and said, "Hmmm... clenching your jaws lately, have you?" "Uhm... yeah."

I had a good evening with the knitting ladies. Got pretty far on a third scarf. It should be done by the end of the month. I need to get at least one baby sweater, John's mittens, and the scarf done even before I go on leave. After I go on leave, I may give Teyani at Crown Mountain Farms a note and ask if I can spin for her now... it would be fun to do at least a box or two for her just to see if I can do it... *grin* Though... part of my brain goes, hm. It might be more fun to do the other two or three baby sweaters/blankets and things before that... ahem. Yes. My friends and neighbors all seem to be procreating at an unseemly rate, given that I'm over 40.

It's so odd to see so many small, tiny babies, now that Jet's so big and capable now. My.

The cool thing was that the dyeing of the Superwash went well the other night, and I have some gorgeous greens, now. Next up may be some mauves in Jet-painting style to go with the "Twist and Shout" or the "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". It's good to be able to spin what I want. When I think about that, I'm happy again. So I should do more of that.
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