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A Cold, Quiet Weekend

My hands are suffering from the extra work I've been doing at work. So my right hand has been nigh on useless for most of the weekend. I pampered it as much as I was able.

Jet and I had a good, quiet Friday. We watched cartoons, ate cinnamon rolls, drew, colored, did his homework, and then went to the library and a closing bookstore. The bookstore had all their stock of Moleskine notebooks at $1 a piece. I bought 10 of them. Mostly the small, squared/graph paper ones, as they're so good for my knitting journals. But I also bought a few of the reporter style large notebooks, plain and ruled. I have a dozen or more journals already, but... they're Moleskines. *grin*

Saturday we did a bit of grocery shopping, and I made phad thai for dinner and realized I haven't been cooking very much. The noodles had really huge prawns, fresh sprouts, cashews instead of peanuts because I like them better, and it was really good. Most of the day was just putzing and homeworking and stuff. We got a lot of food at the grocery store because we went there *before* dinner.

Sunday I stayed home from church and slept in. Slept in until nearly 11 am, slept in. I guess I needed it. I made pumpkin muffins, and then prepped a kind of beef stew thing that wasn't really beef stew. I did do the carrots and potatoes, but also used fire-roasted canned tomatoes and lots of cumin with the searing of the beef. So it ended up kind of Mexican smelling, so I finally shrugged and tossed in a few finely chopped green chiles and it came out marvelous. Just spicy enough for us to feel it, not so much it killed me. The beef and vegetables came out tender and tasty and went really well with some Rhodes' rolls I'd taken out at noon.

Jet and I spent most of the afternoon playing video games, to keep my brain off all the thousand things I had to do at work. Church is doing a class on meditation and they make it out to be this mystic, rare thing, a state that is so difficult to achieve, it has to be done in certain circumstances with certain preparations. But I've always had meditation in my routine. Starting with Tai Chi when I was in graduate school, and expanding to the moving meditation that was soccer, for me. I now see meditation as any way to more self-awareness without self-conscienceness, if you know what I mean. *grin* Walking away from rage and fear and the self-perpetuating cycles of memory and dwelling that those emotions feed and walking towards a Way of just being.

The way I was taught, the Tao can be applied to everything and anything, and if it is the true Tao it will Be as it Should Be. Trying too hard is bad. Just doing Is.

So, for me, video games can be a method of meditation, which surprises the heck out of some folks. So be it. *grin* But the arts of war have often been used as a way to meditate and vice versa. It's hard as hell on my hands, but the brain benefit was worth icing a bit and coddling my hands otherwise.

Sunday it also snowed again. But the usual Colorado kind of snow. Just dry powder drifting down and crunching a bit. It's sunny today, and 40 in the sunshine and 20 in the shade, and all the blacktop is clearing itself off, now. Which is as it ought to be. 40's for several days this week, so it should, finally, get a good start on melting. I'll be happier when it is.

I walked home for lunch, and the J's drove me to work afterward. So it was a comforting lunch.

Lots of people at work are counting the days for me, but I have so much to do before I go I'm panicking a bit. We'll see...
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