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Spinning Stuff

Spinning Stuff
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My Spinning Stuff...

In the background is my double-wheel, double-treadle, double-drive wheel, a Timbertops Beaver, which isn't made any more, but the people that originally made them occassionally create a few more bobbins and things, so they're not completely defunct, but it's close. So I feed and care for my little beaver quite carefully.

It has a fairly insane ratio, somewhere near 48:1 for the high speed whorl and with the high speed bobbin. So it's excellent for lace, fingering weight yarns, and the like. I have a low-speed whorl but no bobbin to go with it, and the wheel seems to balk at being made to go slooooowly. :-)

The skeiner is quite old, and has seen quite a lot of yarn. The carder is new, and is just a roving carder. You can see the ball winder on the couch in the back, red and white. The wool is the wool from The Sheep Shed Studio and the caps are turning out to be much better than I'd originally thought. I'm spinning some of the grey for mittens for John now that Jet and I have some. I should take pictures of Jet's felted mittens, too.
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