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First Day Off

Woo. It's my first day off and I don't feel Aaaaany different. Hm...

Jet says that being six doesn't really feel all that different from being five. So maybe that's related? I'm not sure. *grin*

But he is six and I'm off and I guess that's just reality, now, and I got up this morning and thought to myself, I don't have to go into work today. Mmm...

The weekend felt like any other weekend, only MORE busy, with all of Jet's birthday things. He now says that he has six days of birthday, so he's pretty happy.

The One is the one that we'll have when we're in the Seattle area and he gets to get a party from this grandparents.

On Thursday he brought Zebra cakes to school and he got to wear the birthday cake party hat ALL Day and be The Birthday Boy. He got a bookmark, stickers, and other presents, and at the end of the day he got to sugar everyone up with Little Debbie Zebra cakes. Whee!! He loved that.

Friday was his day with me and we did what he wanted to do. *grin* Not a bad thing, all in all, for him. He had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and when asked he wanted McDonald's for dinner and Noodles and Company for lunch, but at my request, he swapped the two. He did NOT want to go to the library, but he did want to play a lot. So we did. John came home at 5 for dinner, so we went to Noodles and ordered and sat down.

Then a guy came over, sat down by John and said, "Hey, can I join you?"

I blinked at him owlishly through my glasses and blinked again, "Steve?" It was!! From my class at Caltech, Steve N. now lives here in Longmont, and it's been over two decades since I've seen him, and there he was, big as life, with his wife, and without their two, teenage children. Meep. Teenagers! From folks the same age as us! But they wished Jet a very happy birthday and listened to him very politely whenever he interrupted with an "Excuse me?" It was good to see them, we knew they lived in the area, but just hadn't quite gotten up the gumption to get together. *grin*

From there, John and I did the easy thing and took Jet over to the Target and let him pick his birthday presents. He got the Electricity Experimentation kit and a glow-in the dark rollercoaster set, with hundreds of parts. He asked us which of us made more money at the moment, and we kind of decided I did at the moment, so I bought Jet the rollercoaster set and Dad bought him the experiment. And Jet's been playing with both pretty thoroughly since. He can now get the buzzer and the light to go off at the same time and he really loves experimenting to see if something conducts or insulates, and he knows that the LED and the buzzer are "one way" , i.e. you have to connect the positive to the positive and the negative to the negative...

Saturday was busy and fun and we ran around a lot. We started with breakfast at IHOP, where Jet got a free breakfast! With a sundae! With singing! He was pretty happy about that, but he kept putting his bacon on his pancake while the servers were singing to him. He happily ate the rest of his bacon and pancake before even contemplating the ice cream. I was pretty impressed.

From there we went to the office and got all the rest of my stuff, and then we went home, had a bit of lunch and the boys put together grab bags while I played some Okami. John came down and began, "It's 10 'til 4, we should think about..."

I blinked at the time, "We should be going now, then, right?"

I went to switch the game off without even saving. I saw the look of horror grow on John's face, "The party's at FOUR... not five. I was thinking five... oh my gosh..." and he took off up the stairs, "JET we have to go NOW!"

We made it. It took us exactly six minutes to get from our driveway to the bowling alley. Even with two lights against us. Whew.

They were all getting ready to start, and John got Jet his shoes and we dove right in. Lots of kids, lots of people to catch up with, and lots of pinballs bouncing down the lane's gutter rails. *giggles* They had a good time, but weren't able to quite finish their games, as we had six kids to a lane. Ah well. But they had fun, and then they got cake and ice cream, and Jet happily did presents from his perch on one of the bar stools. *grin*

He has a blast. And we were pretty tired. So tired, we just went home with all the loot, and just as we got settled, we got a phone call and John started just laughing... he'd forgotten to pay the bowling alley. Oops. So he went out to pay and get us some chicken wings from Wing Hut, and we had a very quiet night.

Sunday I had to make coffee, so had a very early start. Then I got volunteered for something. *grin* The first real acknowledgment of my time off, so I decided that I would do it on Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, we met Ms. Tonya and Macy and Tanner at the Longmont Rec. Center and we had a blast just swimming around. The leisure pool was COLD. They had a new heater, but the pool was not warm at all. The lap pool was actually warmer! Meep. The hot tub felt really good, and we put the kids into it whenever they had blue lips. Jet loved going off the diving board and swimming back to the edge. I was impressed, as I hadn't ever seen him do that before. He also did the tunnel slide a few times, and that was cool too. I went with him as well, and it was COLD. EEEeep.

We had a simple dinner, and here I am, today. I went through my whole scrapbook desk and my Chinese calligraphy desk and have Made Order. It's a bit scary to contemplate, but I managed to get Thank You notes made for Jet and John to write for the kids that were in Jet's class, so he could give them to them this afternoon. I also have a massage this afternoon, and a volunteer thing tomorrow, so the next few steps are made...

... on to the future!! *grin*
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