Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Here in Seattle

And, the darned weather is *SUNNY*! What's the chance of that, visiting in February... and it's sunny?!

Okay, so it was kind of weird in Colorado, on Tuesday, when I was doing errands and *having* to shed the coat when it was too warm to wear and there are still mountains of ice and snow and dirt and sand and stuff all over the place. Everything was puddling and meeeelting, in the normal Colorado kind of way. Sandra says that it's not the cold that's getting Coloradians down, it's the fact that the weather has stayed the SAME for so darned long.

Things to remember...

The color of the sunrise as Jet's shivering in the wind off the plains as we're waiting for the bus to take us from the remote lot to the airport. The bus being so jammed with people, Jet had to lean against a nice lady at a seat in order to grab the metal handle so he could stay up.

Getting to Seattle in good time and seeing Mt. Rainier right off the wing, nearly at a straight line of sight from our window. Seeing the head of it above the clouds below, and the clouds and snow streaming off the top to the East.

Jet happily greating his grandma and grandpa. Him playing with them with marionets, a simple plastic top in six different ways (rolling it for speed, spinning it under a bucket to guess when it would stop...), and his smile when he told us about walking with Granny the couple of miles to the Children's Museum (which he saw ALL of) and getting an Orange Julius for the bus ride back. He liked being a Zoom Bloom.

We finally got to see Casino Royale. It was good. Brutal in Ian Flemming kind of way, with very few stunts that one could just say, "Aw, ain't it grand what CGI can do?" Most of it was just gutting it all out. Ugh.

I want to eat EVERYTHING while I'm here, and I CAN'T. Grrrrr...

But we did got to Yea's Wok tonight and the camphor and tea smoked duck was absolutely fabulous. *happy sigh*

We're heading to Bellingham in the morning, and Jet's having another birthday party up there, and then we're going to give ourselves and Jet a treat and take the Amtrack train down from there to the King Street Station on Sunday. It should be a blast...
Tags: food, seattle, travel

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