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I love my husband, and it's a very good thing, too.

On Tuesday, I broke out the worst I have in my memory, I got six pimples all at the SAME TIME...

... and John says, "Ooohhh... under a little stress, hm?"


I hate these things. I clean like a maniac, I try to avoid chocolate around PMS time, and ONLY when I'm under stress anyway, there it goes... and I'm trying everything under the sun from Lush's herbalism to Origin's Spot Remover to contemplating those damned medicated pad thingy's again. I'm NOT a teenager, damnit.


Yes. It is actually an excellent indicator of when I'm under stress. Only a spouse can get away with pointing that out, though. *grin*

Yeah... I can finally admit that the whole transition thing has been really, really stressful and I have to give myself some time and room and pampering to recover. Jaw aches, back aches, and I'm not getting the sleep I really need. I'll deal...
Tags: coping, stress

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