Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Isabel and George have been great hosts, David has been a great host up here in Bellingham. I am still exhausted, mostly because of spending all day in a car with a real estate agent yesterday. Lots of good houses for a good deal of money, but some beautiful lots and views and things.

There were at least four that we've really liked, but they all have some flaws as well, so we're nto deciding on anything, yet.

It rained the whole drive up here, but it's been on and off sunny since. The weather has been wonderful. I haven't gotten as far on a baby sweater as I wanted to be, but we've had Jet's Yet Another birthday party, and he enjoyed it a great deal. We've had great food and a good time just to visit and talk and let Jet play with a bunch of folks. Jet likes playing Stratego, but with very, very little strategy. He has learned a great deal about how the pieces work, though, which has been cool.

There's a lot of stuff here in a very, very accessible city central. Lots of great used bookstores, yarn stores, and even a studio that does kettle and hand-dyed yarns. It's pretty cool, but I didn't go in as we were on something of a deadline.

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