Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Touring Bellingham

We were up early, this morning, in order to do the hour and a half drive to Bellingham before 9am, as we were meeting Tate White at the Fairhaven Reality in order to tour about. John drove, and he seemed to be enjoying it as it rained for most of the drive up. Jet had a dot to dot book that he and the grandparents did in the back seats while I just slept as much as I could.

The day was pretty long and we saw a lot of really nice houses, the pre-screening at Tate's office was very good, and we saw a lot of houses with great south west exposure in the back of the house so that I could have a nice vegetable garden up here. There were good parts to nearly all of the houses, and a few spots wrong with each one that could either be fixed or couldn't, but we definitely saw a lot more houses that we really could have been serious about compared to the previous summer. The prices are starting to come down, now, too. At least two of the houses we liked were down a good $80k from when they first got on the market.

We had a late, shared, teriyaki lunch, so we got the teriyaki in, and then at 5, Tate dropped us off at David's house, and the whole clan went to a very nice Italian restaurant in downtown Bellingham. It was easy to find parking, and they made their own pasta and it was really, really nice. I had a hard time picking, but ended up with the linguini with fresh clams still in the shells. They'd been harvested locally and were sweet, tender, and briny. Yum.

The highlight of the trip to dinner for Jet was getting to sit with David in the back, rumble seats in George and Isabel's Taurus. So that was really cool. He loved being back there with someone.

Jet was quite happy, for having been away from us all day. They'd found a Children's museum and he enjoyed that with his grandparents. They'd played at David's and read.

He'd found an old Stratego game there as well, and cheerfully played me. And eventhough he didn't win, he learned quite a lot about the strategy of the game, and wanted to play again. He went to bed at his usual time, and I was so exhausted, that I went to sleep at the same time. But an allergy attack got me, and John went off for a drug store at about 10pm, and got me enough loteradine and sudafed to get me through the night. So that was to the good.
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