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Another Jet Birthday

David turned out a beautiful, huge spread of waffles, fruit, and toppings on Saturday morning. It was absolutely wonderful, and Jet even ate fresh strawberries with his waffles. He wanted to play more Stratego, but when we said that we were going to MindPort, he hopped up and got dressed and ran for the car. He got to sit with me for the trip down and sat with George for the trip back to the house.

MindPort is filled with hands-on experiments with lots of science based items. There's lots of fun things including a huge stream model in the very front with lots of rocks to make dams and wooden bits to float down the flow. Jet could probably have just stayed there the whole time. There were lots of other things, too, and he spent a good amount of time at each, studying, trying things out and then experimenting with how else they could work. There was one thing that had been at both children's museums and this one, which was a bunch of air tubes, where you could dial the tube set you wanted, and then stuff a ball into the flow and it would go along those tubes. He was tired of it by now, but he still gave it a spin for each of the tubes.

He liked a marble stepper, that was hand-cranked, and had two steps that would make the marbles go to the top.

I loved a rubber tub that had two racks holding water level sensors that each played a different note. The higher the water level the louder the note, and there were several styles of "music" that could be gotten from the various sensors. The wave action gave it a base rhythm, and I could change which tones has which frequencies by their position in the tub. It was very fun, and the curator was grateful that someone with some sense of music was experimenting with it rather than just creating something random. *grin*

Eventually, we had to go back, and we had a big soup and bread lunch with presents! And cake! And ice cream! Hee. Jet's fourth or fifth birthday party and he enjoyed it immensely. Mary's gifts of a bubble building set and a copy of the Velveteen Rabbit was very happily recieved and Jet started building with them as soon as he got them. We played with soap consistencies until he got something he thought was cool and we ran out of time. Isabel's cake was served quite happily with fresh strawberries and plenty of vanilla ice cream, and then Emily and her guy left for work and Isabel and George left to visit a friend before heading home.

Luckily, they also took along with them all the stuff we didn't need for tonight, as we were taking the train back to Seattle tomorrow morning.

That evening, we got to play more Stratego, and Jet got even better at it. He decimated Mary's rank and file and only a very swift strike by David after dinner won the game for her. Dinner was the leftovers from last night and spaghetti and sauce. It was good with a very varied salad, a bit of bread, and plenty of fizzy water.

Jet then graciously said it would be okay for David to put him to bed, and John and I went to the Co-op and each had a slice of "The Perfect Slice of Chocolate Cake", and it was quite good with a mug of hot coffee. The cafe had already closed, so when I got my mug of decaf I had to reheat the coffee to hot, but it was good enough. A nice, quiet dessert together and some time to talk and think about the houses and what we'd seen.

This time I got all my drugs in well early enough that I could just sleep when my head hit the pillows.
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