Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Back Fill

I back-filled a lot tonight. :-)

The most accomplished thing was actually getting to see kathrynt and her beautiful baby this morning what with doctor's appointments on both sides of the time negotiations and various other things happening and an impromptu visit to an open house. :-) But it was a good visit until Jet's blood sugar got a bit too low, and we had a mildly squirrly boy with lots of Sharpie ink on his hands. *grin*

But the sweater and washcloth was delivered, the father sighted, and the baby girl very, very cute while she slept the sleep of the deserving. So I was glad we made it out and got to talk with Kathryn for a while. That was quite good.

Then we hit Kidd Valley out in Kirkland on the way back, and Jet approved of the pineapple shake. Which I would never have thought, but he liked the fruit in it, which was cool.

The afternoon I tried to take a nap before doing the hairy deed of flying home tomorrow only to have to get up a 5:30 am the following morning to fly out to Oakland. But the bass built from a 5-gallon bucket was too much and it reverberated through the whole house and I finally just Gave Up and interacted with the computer for a while before an absolutely beautiful salmon dinner made by Isabel. Yum!!

The apple crisp afterwards was to die for. It gave me an excellent idea of what to do with the frozen cranberries in our freezer. Wow.

Then the five of us played a very cut-throat version of Uno using two standard decks of cards. Jet had a little trouble with the names of the suites, but other than that he played quite happily. We had three whole, long games of if and then did and Everybody night, where Dad did the getting ready, Granny read the first book, Grampa read the second, and Mom got stuck with The Velveteen Rabbit which was so long that Jet was asleep before she was two-thirds of the way through. Beautiful book, though. *grin* And then I got to play catch up with all the backlog of entries. Whew.

I think I'm caught up on a *LOT* of things now, and am feeling a mite bit better about doing this crazy back to back thing, though the highs being in the single digits tomorrow in Denver do NOT sound like a great thing to go back to. Though Oakland seems to be quite a bit milder. Whew... It's just getting from and back to the airport that bothers me mildly. We'll see...
Tags: food, travel

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