Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Woohoo! Gaming!

We're actually here at DunDraCon 31! *beam*

It took us most of the day to get here, and Carl and I did a ton of things before we got here, most of it involved getting food and snacks for the days we're here. *grin*

We started out by going to the Red Tractor Cafe in Dublin, and it was really, really good. I love their food and the fact that they really pay attention to details that most restaurants don't really take care of. The fact that my two strips of bacon were perfectly cooked, crisp clear through, no burns, no soggy greasy spots was really, really nice. My over medium eggs had solid whites and creamy yolks, and the potatoes were well seasoned but not too salty and with enough herbs to make them very interesting. I enjoyed them a great deal.

From there we went to the movie theater within walking distance and watched Ghost Rider. There is no Easter Egg, so you don't have to sit through the credits. *grin* It is very much Nick Cage being Nick Cage instead of Johnny Blaze, just like Keanu Reeves wasn't really Constantine but he really tried, both of which were mildly sad, but the movie itself was a lot of fun anyway, as I do like Nick Cage. The plot was kind of thin with a few very bare spots, the characters kind of tinny, and the dialog was cringe worthy. But there were redeeming moments and there were some very pretty moments that were very, very much the Ghost Rider I'd known as a kid.

There were a few too many character mushed together, and none of the development that really comes with decades of books, but so it is.

I enjoyed it a lot, but it wasn't actually anything even near a *good* movie. *grin*

From there we hit a grocery store so I could get some contact lens solution that would not give me an eye fungus. I'd accidentally packed the ReNu with the extra wetting agents that had given some people fungi last year, so it had been discontinued. I'd gotten a free sample, somehow, and it was under my sink at home and when I refilled my traveling bathroom bag, I'd accidentally put it in. So I got some new, and the toothpaste I always use was on sale and my travel tube was getting to the point where I was having to really wring it out. So I got that as well. Good thing I check my luggage.

From there we went to Trader Joe's and bought a few things there, including a very nice little block of organic blueberries for only $2.79. We then went back to Carl's place to pack up to get to the hotel, and I read two more xxxHolic manga books. I love those things. I'd been reading them last night, too, they're by Clamp and I really am enjoying the balance of wishes granted and the prices paid for them, or not, depending on the "customer".

Carl dropped by his mail box place and on the way out of the parking lot there was a Cheese steak shop! Yum! Cheese steak! He was very kind and stopped there and we ate really good cheese steak sandwiches with the traditional white cheese. Okay. I had the traditional sandwich with just onions and he had a chicken and mushroom one that looked really, really good. I'll have to try that the next time we eat there, which may be years from now, but I'll know.

We then hit the road and got to the hotel and checked in just in time to find a registration line that went all the way down a hallway. Oops. So we decided to go to Peet's and Whole Foods, first. I got a few breakfast things, as I've really been overindulging a bit too much on the things available, and it was good to just get some granola, two tangerines, and some fresh yogurt and milk. Carl is lending me a little cooler, and it does just fine with a ice bucket's worth of ice at keeping that bit of milk and yogurt cool enough for me. I'm pretty happy with the arraignment, and I'll get milk in my tea for the morning. I'm glad of that. I even popped a few honey containers from the Red Tractor into my purse, so that I can have a good sweetener as well, though I think there's just a bit of corn syrup in it too. Ah well.

On the way back, we saw a carload of people drive by and talked with them for a bit before heading back as they were on their way to

Back at the hotel we just talked for a while, and then went down to registration and with no line got through quickly. Then we met up with a friend of Carl's and just sat down and talked for hours and hours. It was really fun to watch them compare notes about the campaigns and games they'd been running for the last while, reminisce about old Shadowrun games, and then talk about everything in between, including books and movies and other plot ideas and concepts. I love this part of gaming, the whole meta discussion about how stories go together and how characters and players want to play in them and what are all the things that go into them that make for great play/stories/games. Sometimes the setup, sometimes the mechanics, sometimes the players themselves and what they bring or leave aside at the table. What makes for interesting, fun things for everyone?

What makes a great game? It's fun to hear everything bantered back and forth like some ideas ping pong game that fascinating ideas pour from.

It was 11 when we finally looked up, and I'm now exhausted but very, very happy to be here.

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