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Home again

It's very nice to be home again. Even with snow, single digit lows at night, and Jet having some tough nights.

I didn't realize that my parents' house in San Diego was so dark. They don't open any of the shades, and the house itself doesn't have that many windows, and the main hallway is in the middle of the house so it gets no light at all. So much of it is like a cave compared to the way our house is laid out, with windows and areas wide, wide open to the sunshine. Even though it's colder here, with all the sun in the house, it feels, emotionally, warmer. Plus our insulation and double-paned windows just rock.

I *do* love modern technology.

The trip to San Diego was weird in ways. It was nice to have a break from the winter here, and I really loved seeing the ocean again, visiting Fryes, eating really good Chinese food, getting to our Mecca of In-and-Out Burgers, and getting to nap at any time I really wanted and having someone else be able to take care of Jet. The problem was constantly being in a tug-of-war with my parents about lots and lots of little things, from their belief that 60-something was far too cold for us and for Jet to how to feed Jet to why Jet was crying a lot.

Jet slept more than I've ever seen him sleep. He regularly took three naps a day, each an hour long, sometimes two hours long. He was crankier than usual, but still had some good times with the toys Mom and Dad borrowed from their friends, with his early birthday party with my parents and Kathy, and also out on a playground with Mia and Ben, the 2 and five year old kids of Steve and Margaret. Steve's an old high school friend of mine that we've just kept in contact with and it was good to see him and his kids and get some time to talk with Margaret, who is a psychotherapist with SouthEast Asians in the San Diego area. She's a really, really neat lady.

Jet *loves* carrot cake. He ate the one my Mom bought him with both fists, once he got past the icing, which he thought was some kind of sticky Play-doh, not really good for eating. The cake, though, he just loved and dove into cheerfully.

When the candle was lit for him, he wanted, really, really badly, to touch the flame.

He also learned how to fling blocks over his shoulder, with the classic motion of putting them next to his neck and then dropping them down his back. A night later he got a bit wilder and started just beaning my dad with blocks, everyone was on the floor laughing. Then the last night we were there, Jet decided he wanted to pick up his toy piano and so he did and stood up without any support other than the mental one of hanging onto a huge toy piano!! Everyone applauded him, so he dropped the piano and started clapping, too.

It cracked everyone up.

Jet did travel well, and slept on the way home, which was very nice. He is extremely happy to be back at Joan's, and played hard with Alex and Haley yesterday and refused to nap all afternoon. I really wonder, now, if some of his lack of sleep during the day, here, comes from getting plenty of sunshine during the day and he slept so much during the day in San Diego because he got so little sunlight, relatively. It might be really bad to move him back to Seattle if rainy, grey, dark days make him cranky and sleepy all the time.

I'm glad to be home, though, even with a baby who won't nap. He's *happy*, which makes up for it in spades.

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