Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Backfill and Jet Sayings

I wasn't doing much with computers while I was at Carl's and at the Con, so I'm having to backfill, it'll take me a while, too, as I'm *also* trying to catch up on sleep, which I've been well short of recently. *grin*

But there were two incidents I wanted to capture for my memory as well as insight for a friend on six-year-old synapse wealth...

Last night we were at Cold Stone Creamery, and Jet got rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips mixed into a "smoothie sorbet", which was actually quite nice and fat-free, which he didn't know, but hey, he liked it! He ate half of it, and then stopped. John asked him if he was done and Jet said, "Yeah. I'm done."

"What about the chocolate that's left?" I asked.

"It's too goaty." Said Jet.

John and I blinked, "Goaty?"

"Yeah. It's too goaty."

"Why is it goaty?"

"Goat cheese. Goat cheese is white and creamy like the chocolate, and I think it's too goaty to eat more of it." said my child.

"Ah. Okay." says I frantically trying to make some kind of connection to a comment I might have made about a farm cheese at the farmer's market or... something...

Also yesterday, when John and Jet were helping Bill and Pastor Sarah with moving a table from the church to Sarah's basement, they were all in the van together. Sarah in the front seat, Jet in the back with the table in his usual back-facing seat. They were passing a cemetery and Jet started commenting on how dead people are buried in those place.

Then Jet asked, "Why are there so MANY dead people?"

Sarah answered that death happens to everyone and that when it happens they're all brought to one place and buried there, so it seems like a lot as it is a lot of people over time...

And Jet says, "They ought to put them in Mom's garden!"

Sounds of inquiry and mild surprise from the adults.

"Well, 'cause plants like eating junk, and they'd be really happy."

Sounds of smothered laughter from everyone in the van. "Ah."
Tags: jetticisms

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