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Why Is There Money?

Jet and I were sitting in the van while John made copies of tax papers that were being sent in. Jet started by asking what 'filing taxes' meant and then it spread to what taxes are for and then paying for the things that we need and then to 'why isn't food free for everyone?' to 'why is there money?' and...


Uhm. I didn't answer them to his satisfaction, but then maybe I was the one unsatisfied? I'm not sure.

Then, as we were driving along, Jet asks, "How do you cut off your shadow?" Uhm.. huh? I ask if he's seen that on the tv or something, but he says that he see it right now, out the window. That the cars are running away from their shadows sometimes and he wants to know how to do it, and cast a shadow to the end of town, no, the next state, no, the Edge of the World! Just to save the world, of course, but he wants to know how...

It made errands interesting, to say the least. John and Jet and I measured all the dozen vegetable garden beds at the OUR Center, as they grow things there to supplement the food that comes into the lunch and breakfast kitchen. I had a brief discussion with the lady in charge of the kitchen and the guy in charge of the gardens as well as to what they thought should be in it. It's daunting, as I've only done a *little* gardening, though I might be considered the guru of grow in our neighborhood, the whole thought of 30+ tomato plants at ONCE is a bit... daunting.

I can't imagine how to get all the compost into all the beds as I'm used to just digging it in with a shovel. I'll probably start asking questions, soon...

For no reason I can see, Jet got an instant passion for medium-boiled eggs today. At sea level, these would probably be around the four minute mark, plus up to thirty seconds. Here, at altitude, it takes a good seven minutes but I can almost always get a perfect one, where the white has all cooked, but the yolk is just starting to set around the edges and is creamy and thick in the center. Jet has seen me eating them before, and he decided he wanted one for lunch and one for dinner with his rice. And he carefully cracked and peeled the top, sprinkled salt on the white, and then scooped out the top bit. Then he dug into the yolk and poured soy on it and then a bit of salt when he was able, and more soy when it wasn't "black enough" for him. Agh. The amount of sodium in that thing might have killed a lesser being, but he enjoyed every bit of it and then asked me to wash the shells.

The first shell became a house for the marbles on his rollercoaster building set. Then, suddenly, it was lot of pieces of shell. Jet wordlessly got the vacuum and cleaned up all the bits of that one.

He was running with the second to the bathroom where he'd built a flotilla of paper boats, and when he turned on the light he accidentally dropped the shell. It made that very specific "crunch" sound that only a dropped egg can make. Jet picked it up and announced, "It's okay. It's cracked all over, like a bullseye, but it's still whole!" Then "Hey! It's cracking MORE when I put water in it! Stupid shell..."

I just put my head in my hands and tried not to laugh out loud. I was shaking the whole table and John came over, patted me on the back and said, quite kindly, "That's your boy..."

Dinner for us was out of Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. Yes, that Nanny Ogg, with Strawberry Wobblers and Toffee Rats on a Stick and Dibbler's sausage recipe (which actually sounds surprisingly good). Terry Pratchett fans might be amused at the details, I was bemused to find that the recipes are actually serious recipes that can be made (the toffee rats are made from marzipan). It also had a curry recipe that actually sounded quite good, so I tried it, with a few changes from the America's Test Kitchen Cooking at Home book, which also had a curry recipe that was surprisingly close to Nanny Ogg's.

So I tried it for dinner tonight, and it was quite good! Chicken and coconut milk and lots of good spices and a bit of heat from some good jalapenos and plenty of caramelized onion. Mmmm...

I'm still phase-shifted, but I'm gradually getting more and more of my brain back for other things. It's a good thing, too. Yay!
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