Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

That Time

The sunlight has changed... and I've definitely got spring fever and a reason to indulge it, with the OUR Center garden really needing a hand.

I have four kinds of tomatoes and a simple kind of sweet bell pepper to start SOON. The spinach has suddenly come up, so I'm planting more along with spring onions/scallions, so by May they'll be ready to harvest, for sure. The peas Jet planted in a pot have not just come up but are a good couple of feet in height.

So we bought more seeds today and John saw a cute little "green house" with a plastic cover for just $40! So we bought it and I'll likely keep it inside until the average night temps get well over freezing, it should make it easy to survive a surprise frost, outside, where the sunshine is in plentitude already out here.

Snow tomorrow, though. *grin* I'll likely just do some rosemary starts just to get something started that needs even more time than the tomatoes and peppers.
Tags: gardening

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