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Loom from the Front

Loom from the Front
Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.
I'm finally getting together what I need to sell this black walnut, four-harness, counter-balanced loom that I'd bought in Seattle nearly a decade ago. I figure that if I haven't used it by now I'm not likely to. Don't know if there's anyone out there that's thinking of buying a loom, but our price is kind of squishy at the moment as I'm not sure what we can get for it at the moment.

We don't know the manufacturer, but it seems to be very solidly built. I'm doing some research to figure it out. But it's a 42" wide loom, and the new ones from name brands seem to be going for multiple thousands. Meefle. Just in case any one reading this has a lead to someone that would love this beast for what it is. *grin*

Click on the picture to get to other pictures from other angles.
Tags: yarn
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