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First Week Home

I have only been home about a week and in all that time I only got most of yesterday to do exactly what I wanted all by myself. And even that was eaten by going to the church to help collate, fold, sticker, and label a big batch of newsletters for mailing. That was fun, though, as there were six of us who all worked very well together. I enjoyed helping with getting something done.

Last Wednesday John had to pass off all his knowledge of what was going on at the OUR center to the new guy they hired. I was zombie-like throughout that day as I was still completely sleep depped and mildly phase shifted, and had to get up at 7 to let John go when he needed to. Jet was very patient with me, though, so that was good.

Thursday John and I did various things in the morning, but we went and saw Children of Man in the afternoon as someone had recommended it to me. It was... too irratic for me. I liked the protagonist and the girl on the most part, but they were driven by far to many great forces, rather than any kind of force in play themselves for me to like it much. But I dreamed of the more horrible bits, which was no fun at all.

So I wasn't caught up on sleep by the weekend, but John let me sleep in on Friday, and the three of us went to survey the OUR center gardens. There's a LOT of of plot there. We dropped by the Builders' Center and the Flower Bin for things to fulfil the ideas that the plots gave me. I'm going to start seed at the beginning of March this time, not the beginning of February, as the seedlings were too spindly the last time.

Saturday was stocking up and washing and then getting to the church to set up the tables for Sunday. Sunday was the Great Bowl Painting day. We had more than 60 people painting bowls at the church with a sandwich buffet lunch, where everyone brought some potluck item for eating sandwiches. So everyone ate and got down to creating. It was great fun. Given that it was the traveling kit, they had just the primary and secondary colors and black with a bottle for drawing lines. I had five or six ideas in my head, but I ended up making very rudimentary frogs.

I have a sandbag frog on my night stand, which I love a lot. It has a marbled purple for the top and a satin green for the bottom, and two bead eyes. So I just drew lots of very simple frogs along the rim of the soup bowl, and then a big, green frog on the bottom with big googly eyes. And wherever I had a bit of extra room, I drew in a fly. *grin*

Then I painted them all in the most glaring of primary colors, with bits of contrasting colors for splotches, dots, or stripes down the backs, they'd melt into the main color and might show up nicely or not. The main frog took a little while for me to draw and outline, so by the time I was a third done with the rim frogs, people were bring leftover pans of colors to our table, so I had plenty of glaze to work with. Three coats of the main color, and then the contrasts on top. On the bottom of the bowl, which was less likely to be seen, I did water lily pads, and then shrugged and added a couple of water lilies as well, though they were mildly messy, they were obvious. And a one fly on that side, too. "There's a fly in my soup! Yum!" I should have put that on there, too. *giggles* Next time, maybe?

I'm thinking of a Chinese brush painting style hummingbird bowl with cherry blossoms off an old branch for when John and I go to the studio, as John didn't get to paint a bowl at the event, as he was too busy organizing it and helping people figure out what to do.

Jet did two bowls. :-) The first one he put a pattern in it that people started calling a pepperoni pizza, so he went along with that and started calling it his pizza bowl. I hope I can find it when we go to the lunch. The second one was a yellow bowl that someone had wanted to put pocka dots on, but they had to leave early, so he helped them out and put big, little, and then tiny flecks from the drawing bottle on it. We forgot our camera or else I'd have gotten pictures of all of them. I did get a picture of the inside of my frog bowl, pre-firing, but the studio is going to take pictures of all the bowls after they're fired, too. They had all the binders of all the bowls that had been made before, so it'll be cool to see them all together.

The best thing about being off from work is that eventhough I spent from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the church, I didn't feel cheated of "my time". Monday was a whirl of doing things in the morning, getting some errands done, and delivering the bowls to the studio. Jet went to school in the afternoon, but that was only two hours before I had to go pick him up at the bus.

Tuesday was, finally, my day home with myself, but I spent most of the morning at the church doing the mailing, and then I hit Hobby Lobby for some more Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream cotton. Given that writeanya is in Southern Cal, I was thinking a cotton sweater might do better for her girl than wool, and this stuff is so soft! :-) And I really want to make some nice hand towels for Jet's bathroom and our main floor bathroom, as that's what all our guests see and use. I found some lovely sea and lime green yarn to match the sea themed shower curtain in that room and there's a beautiful chevron hand towel in the Mason Dixon knitting book that I just had to buy after seeing it. *grin* Hey! It's good to support Internet-met knitters!

So when I got home, I did the Leslie Sanson two mile walk with the weights for part of it. The 2 lb weights were just a bit too heavy for me to do for the whole thing, and I'm glad today that I didn't, as I'm mildly sore. Then I did a few miles on the stationary bike while watching Twelve Kingdoms. I want to get back into soccer shape again. I won't be what I was, but I'll be something else, now. :-) But I want to have at least that fitness back. Even at altitude. So I'm working on that, and I've already lost about 7 pounds since I stopped working. It's amazing what happens when I don't stress eat, actually take the time for some exercise, and cook a lot more. The weeks in Seattle and in Oakland were good for that, too. Too busy to do the snacking thing, and lots of good walks with everyone. I enjoyed that.

I cooked nearly every night since I've been home, too, and I'm mildly proud of that. The only night we ate out was Sunday night, and I figured it was time and we'd been so busy the rest of the week.

I spent the rest of the day watching Twelve Kingdoms and got through the first four DVDs out of something like a dozen or more? Anyway... it's very good. And I got my first construction site sock finished and got a good start on the second. I also finished a baby hat that I don't like much, but it's done and will go to a hospital and they can figure out whom it might fit. *grin* I should probably still take a picture of it, or something.

Today's been kind of fun with Jet this morning. We colored an ABC coloring book he has together. We made pancakes and played a bit of video games, and he's doing his homework with Dad at the moment.
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