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Handspun Baby Sweater

I used the Knitty Haiku pattern, but modified it severely to fit a baby rather than a 1-year-old AND to use my hand spun rather than a commercial yarn. I shortened the shoulder panels to just 3 inches, though I kept the 9" length to the sweater. I kept the sleeves to just 7 inches.

All three yarns were made from the Sheep Shed Studio's superwash roving, though I bought the Yellow Oops when they were still selling seconds rather than firsts. The tomato colored one was dyed in the roving, the dark green was dyed in the yarn, and the pale green was roving I threw into the dye pot to completely exhaust the pot. I then spun the tomato yarn and the pale green, and I was trying for a sport weight, but missed pretty thoroughly with the greens. The tomato was close enough.

I knit the sweater with US 8, and every time I changed a color I had to change the number of stitches. I mostly did it by feel, as the gauges I was getting weren't making the math any easier.

I'm cross posting this to my personal journal and to the spinningfiber community, and since I've already gifted it the recipient won't have her surprise spoiled. *grin*

This is the roving that I dyed and used for the reds.
Snail Killer Tomato Roving

This is the body panels with the yarn in balls by it.
Pre-made Baby Sweater

This is the finished sweater.
Baby Sweater Finished
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