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Perhaps it was entirely to be expected, but I'm finally getting up a bunch of energy for things that I didn't used to have that much energy for. Gardening, cooking, knitting (you thought I was productive before, didn't you?), reading, drawing, painting, dreaming, and even writing all kinds of things I haven't had much... well... enough... energy to do.

Though, admittedly, I'm tired at the moment, but I've planted 100 seeds in their own growing mediums, with a few thousand to go (thank you, Isabel!), and plenty of square yardage (in the thousand as well) to get to with respect to gardening. I actually finished a ton of pruning in just one day, instead of doing an hour or two's worth and having to rest. That's good.

I'll also admit that there is nothing quite like the sensation of a rose thorn slicing through the leather of my glove and into my thumb and neatly and thoroughly pinning my glove to my thumb.

Damn roses. They require my blood, I think, to grow properly, but they'll be in a riot of bloom soon enough. They all had to be taken down to 18", though, as they were nearly taller than I was. No wonder they fought back. The pile of thorn looked so tiny compared to what the tree trimming folks were leaving at the yard-waste area in the recycling court, even though they tried to escape all the things we tried putting them in.

In just the past week, I've now finished a pair of construction site socks (Big Yellow Taxi with a hugely modified Jaywalker pattern) for me, two wash clothes, two baby hats, and am about a third done on another baby sweater. I am anticipating the arrival of my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting and doing the first third of the baby kimono I remembered seeing in it. Yes. I'm extrapolating what I saw into stitches and I'm closer to halfway done than I want to admit. I hope the book arrives tomorrow so I can at least get the neckline right. Jet wants me to make him a purse out of cotton yarn so he can carry his wallet, extra toys, and some candy wherever he goes. It seems a reasonable request, even when the yarn is this gold, yellow, and white brightness I'd bought to make him hand towels for his bathroom.

I cooked a lot in the last week, too. Made up a dish with sliced mushrooms, sauteed until they were bronze with minced onion and garlic and then sauteed asparagus with salt, pepper, and thyme all mixed in with sliced steak and egg noodles. Heated through and it was a quick, satisfying meal.

We also did the bowls for Empty Bowls, since John hadn't gotten a chance during the church thing as he was too busy running the show. He, Jet and I all went to Crackpots together and did bowls. Jet did all the planets with the sun in the center. John just did a sun with sunglasses in the center. I got ambitious and did a hummingbird in flight in the middle of the bowl with violet blue flowers in the inside. A cherry/wild plum branch on the outside with buds and new flowers and butter colored butterflies as well. Hee. It was fun, and turned out pretty well in the pre-fired state. I want to see what it looks like when it's fired, though, to see if the ruby red throat really comes out that way.

There will be pictures, too. It was amusing to see the binder of pictures from last years bowls and I realized that the sparrow bowl I'd done, with flying sparrows on the outside and a bamboo stalk on the inside was the only bowl they'd taken pictures of both the inside and the outside. *grin*

Maybe I could do a set someday? I dunno. I think the real mystery and trick of the whole painting your own pottery thing is realizing that what it looks like pre-firing is going to be entirely different than post-firing. I'll try and get picture up of the frog bowl and of the pre-fired hummingbird.

I slept, some. I also read far too much, and absorbed the next four DVDs of Twelve Kingdoms. I didn't care as much for the beginning of the "three girls" arc as I did for the Taiki arc, and I was grumpy about the Taiki arc not actually FINISHING before a 10+ episode arc on girls without clue. Grump. Though they're getting their clues where I am at the moment, so it's good.

I'm starting to draw Manga-style for fun, too. Some of the Dogs I played during DunDraCon would make good manga material. So I'm happily sketching away and I have a bunch of steel and gold dip pens that will work well for the inking. I have a half brush half ink ball pen that works good in a pinch for when I don't actually care about the personality of the lines. I also have few fountain pens that, with their constant feed and flexible tips will work just great. Amusingly enough, The Crayola 8 is all I need for colors. I guess it's a few more colors than the normal comicbook printing gets anyway.

Did coffee today. Did lots of planting in the sun today. We're about to have a week in the 60+'s, after a week with snow and freezing. It's crazy but there's still some 6 inches of snow in the backyard while in the front (which is West facing) is so warm we don't even need coats to sit and play in the mud. Jet made me dozens of newspaper pots for my seedlings this afternoon. That was fun to watch.

I also managed to reread all three of the Quinterian books by Bujold and then reread both of Cordelia's books and the first three books of Miles' adventures. I stopped when Jet told me I should get a poinky haircut, too, as I was mostly poinky. Ahem. He had a faux-hawk done in red with glitter after his haircut, and he thought he'd share the wealth in style. Everyone thinks he looks very stylish, the hair stylist said he looked like a little rock star, which he took exception to. *laughter* But he did!

And I was poinky about getting interrupted while reading. So it might be best if I start a book at the beginning of a day when he has school rather than just reading like mad while he's trying to get me to do stuff like count to "a hundred hundreds!" Jet did say I was NOT always poinky, just mostly. Ha.

We got to see the Farmer Astronaut and it was very depressing for the most part. But it was pretty kid-safe.

Jet's suddenly asking why a lot now, and how. How does the wasp trap hurt the yellow jackets? Why is rocket fuel dangerous to the FBI? What kills people from rockets? Why are rock stars cool? What is the matter with playing horseshoes too well? Why *don't" people count one hundred eighty ten, one hundred eighty twenty, one hundred eighty thirty...?

I'm less patient with the questions than I want to be. I'll get there. Poinky, huh.

I am still short on sleep. I accidentally started a Bujold book around 10 and... uhm... was up 'til about 2. Which did lead to a rather poinky morning. But so it is. I'll get there.

I'm also realizing that I was writing here a lot when I was stressed. Now that I'm less stressed... well... I'll try and figure out a better reason to write here. *grin* Given than I've got a garden, now, that is a good thousand square feet, I reckon I might be writing more about planting stuff. It's going to be quite a stretch for me, but, as usual, now that I've started, things are starting to fall in place... a place willing to donate compost, another coming up with a roto-tiller, another coming up with a way to haul stuff, another with a few free composters, and an organic farm happy to donate starts, thousands of seeds coming for free from Isabel. It's been amazing.

Free advise in all directions, too. *grin* It's all good.

In two weeks or so we might go up into the mountains and go dog sledding. Hee. Yay! Adventures! Another good reason to write.
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