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Empty Bowls Pictures

So I got a bunch of pictures, and loaded them all up at my flickr site.

Empty Bowls started, as a concept in Michigan. The Longmont OUR center version has folks in the community donating bowls by buying them from Crackpots and giving them to the soup event. Then folks pay to go to the event, get a free bowl along with two bowls' worth of soup, and a chance at a silent auction for bowls held over for "artistic merit", whatever that is, or by being made by a local celebrity. A few weeks ago, our church had more than sixty people making bowls for the event, but since John was organizing it he didn't get to paint one.

So we went back and painted some. :-)

So this is my church bowl before it was fired. Since the church activity was remote to the studio we were limited to the primary and secondary colors along with black. All the dried glazes look so pastel it's amazing to me.
Pre-firing Frog Bowl

And this is exactly the same bowl after it's been fired. You can see that all the pencil marks burned off completely.
Post-fired Frog Bowl

I should have put, "Yum! There's a fly in my soup!" somewhere in there. The things one thinks of only afterward...

These were our Second Chance bowls, pre-firing. I need to go see them now that they're likely fired. *grin*
Our Second Bowls

Jet then painted stars on the outside of his (which had the sun and four of the planets on the inside of the bowl), while I went for cherry blossoms on the outside of mine.
Jet's starsCherry/Plum Blossom Exterior

Feel free to click on any of these, and they'll take you to my flickr page where I put all the pictures I wanted to put up there...
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