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A Room Full of Kindergarteners

Wow... and I thought Jet was random.

I got to do my first volunteer assignment in Mrs. Bauer's classroom this morning, and wow, it was pretty cool and pretty strange in some ways, too. The work is pretty clearly delineated, which is very useful. She takes care of the reading group and there are four different 'stations'. One is just 'stations', where the kids get to pick some work that they want to do and they just do it.

One is an art station, which the other mom took charge of. And one is a "seated work" station, which was where I was, where the kids do work sheets together. The kids are grouped into groups by their reading ability, which kind of translates directly into writing ability and the like. Each group had their own personality and characteristics. Each had the things that one had to watch with them. The quiet group was so fast in getting their work done that they were done and even done with their extra coloring well before the other groups were done. It was amazing to watch. The slow group didn't even get the regular assignments done, much less anything extra, and there were more of them and they talked a lot more, too.

John was signed up for every week this month, and he asked me to volunteer as he didn't really want to do it every week. So I'm picking up the slack and actually finding it kind of interesting. I was kind of nervous about it last night, but it's turned out okay, I think, and Mrs. Bauer was quite happy that I had a quieter personality as it seems that the kids reflect that back nicely which helps out with her classroom dynamics. Jet was really happy to see me. *grin*
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