Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Napping Boy

So Jet made up for my statements and napped a lot today. An hour right after getting home and now another hour and a half! I think he's sick, though, too, a running nose. He seems very happy, though, and while he played more quietly at Joan's today, he was pretty happy playing this afternoon in the livingroom. He found the rain stick very useful for poking things.

I was lying on the couch, reading something, when he was playing with the walker busy panel for a while. I suddenly feel two little hands clutching my hair and I hear Jet chortling to himself as I yeep!! and laugh while mock-yelling as he pulls himself up by my hair and one of my ears. He then batted away at my head, laughing happily at surprising me completely.

He also had a great time while I was working chasing my feet and trying to bite one of my toes.

He ate prodigious amounts. He is sleeping quite a lot. He is happy boy. Yay! Of course, that makes me quite the happy mom and happy worker bee. I'm actually getting things *done* today, which is so very nice. Of course, wading through 500 email messages did wonders for my morale, especially when it included several answers to things I needed to do the next steps. Yay!

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