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It was 72° F (22° C) today.

It was beautiful. The sun shone, the breeze gently wafted by. Our neighbor came by a few times to just say, "Good God, Today is just gorgeous!"

Being Wednesday, it was much like most people's Saturdays. No school for Jet, and we... well... Anyway, we started out the day by getting up at the usual 6:50 am as Jet wandered into our bedroom, and we all got put together in order to go to Lucille's, the local Cajun/Creole restaurant. It's very nice, and Jet loves the beignets. They had a maple smoked salmon eggs Benedict for the morning special, and despite the fact that they would not do half orders, I got it anyway. :-) It was great, but far too much food.

I did, however, get a chance to work it off, as immediately after breakfast we stopped at the Home Depot, and John rented the big truck in the parking lot for $20 an hour. He then went and got a yard of top soil, which we then shoved off the truck into a wheel barrow, and John carted them off to the new raised gardens. Jet and I did the shoving and digging it away from the front of the truck. With the second load, the truck was screaming the whole time. Turns out that the second load of dirt probably had more moisture in it, so was far heavier than the first. Jet and I unloaded nearly a quarter of it before, finally, the thing stopped screaming. Woo.

The dirt was so moist it stuck to our shoes. Hee. Mr. Dean came over and helped us with the second load, making it far faster than the first. It was pretty impressive.

After it was all set up, I planted some scallions/spring onions, spinach, and Walla Walla onions. The peas and beans don't go out here until St. Patrick's day, but Jet had planted a pea for church school and it was going nuts. The two plants have already curled around on themeselves and have a good two feet of vine already. We'll just keep 'em watered and in the sun. The green house, even indoors, is now a good, warm 80 and humid as anything inside. I'm very impressed by it. The peppers should do just fine in that warmth. The sunny day made a huge difference in the temperature in there.

I then did some insurance planting and did four small trays of Walla Wallas as I had the seed. If they start well, it'll give 'em a head start for when the frost ends. We still have to do a lot of work getting the dirt at the OUR center up to snuff, so I might as well start the onions sooner rather than later, and they transplant really well. I should probably start the yellow and red onions as well as it's going to be a while before the compost gets gotten and dug in.

My muscles are sore just thinking about it.

After lunch, the boys went off to the Rec. Center, while I stayed home, rode the exercise cycle and got started on a set of hand towels for the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms. I'm doing them in sea colors, with the Mason-Dixon chevron, modified, of course, for a less-wide towel (as I'm using washcloth cotton, not linen) and I liked the chevrons from the Jaywalker socks so much I'm using them instead.

My hands and arms and legs ache, now, but better than before I biked. I think moving things through will help, I hope. Otherwise I'm in for a world of hurt tomorrow.

I also made iced tea from my stash of Mighty Tea iced tea pouches. The Black Current is one of my favorite, and there's nothing quite like the first iced tea of the season. Mmmm... It's warmer in the house than it's been for months and I'm savoring it. I think I got burnt by sitting in the sun while planting, but it was worth it. It was totally worth it.
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