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Less Useful

But still happy. *grin*

Okay, this being off from work is awfully nice.

I spent a few hours cleaning out a really yucky humidifier that's needed the cleaning out for the last three months, give or take a few. It was gunky, yucky, algae all over the tanks, and everything else was covered in a thick layer of dust. Guh. So I spent a lot of time with a scrub brush, a wash cloth, and lots of water and just got it all sparkling again. I didn't want to really think about how much of that might have been going into the air.

John hauled half a dozen trees from our backyard out to the 'yard waste' management site, where they mulch it all up for free mulch for anyone that lives in the city limits. From there we went to Lucille's again, and John pulled his bike from the back of the Van and took off on his slow, meandering ride back home. I had lunch with a really neat lady I'm sponsoring for the church, and I got to learn a lot more about her and about why she's coming to the church, which is all to the good.

From there I hit the library and was actually able to sit down and read in the Bee Journal about what was going on and what was not known about the whole Colony Collapse Syndrome stuff. That was good to at least get a dose of what's actually going on instead of the distilled media version, which was true, but without details from lots of keepers. I got to see a map of the states involved, and it's all Eastern States up to, but not including New York, and then across the Gulf states. It's through most of the mid-West, too, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, etc. It's all the Western States, and also right in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Interestingly enough, Arizona and New Mexico aren't affected. One journalist said that the bees in the states that had a bad drought last summer/late fall did a lot worse. And that bees brought to Florida had a bad time, but those that had just wintered over in Florida (i.e., hadn't traveled) had done just fine.

Interesting bits of anecdotal "evidence".

I got to peer at a bunch of Chinese painting books. I peered at dozens of cook books looking for the Macrina Bakery book and having no luck whatsoever. I then hit the Borders and had no better luck, and they only offered to order me the hardback edition when I know I saw a soft back edition for half the price at the cafe itself. So I may well just have to go back, instead, or just make a good, rich sour cream coffee cake from scratch and add sour cherries and lemon zest and juice in a glaze for it. They also didn't have any manga I absolutely had to buy, yet. I really should check out the Manga Library.

So I'm home again, and sore from yesterday. But it's sunny and the bus just roared by. Jet now takes Thursdays as "I get to play with Tanner and Macy!!" rather than "Can I go home, now?" So that's been very good for having just a Bit More Time.

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